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Enjoy Some of the Best Places to Visit in Austin TX

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When finding your next favorite travel destination, look no further than Austin, Texas. This oasis in the desert features incredible attractions that deserve your attention. Here are the top reasons to visit Austin with the best places to visit in Austin TX:

The Home of Live Music

Austin continues to be a draw for the vast amount of live music shows you can find around the city. Local music venues and bars such as Stubb’s, Antone’s, and the White Horse continue to support and showcase many talented local acts. Austin also continues to draw in international talent at the annual Austin City Limits Music Festival and South by Southwest Festival each year. You can find the most popular names in music headlining these festivals each year. Both events are extremely popular, so make sure you find tickets well in advance when you visit the best places to visit in Austin TX.

Time for BBQ

When you come and see some of the best places to visit in Austin TX, then you have probably heard about how great the BBQ is in Texas. Well, it is safe to say your friend is right with the food you can find right in the city. Many BBQ joints continue to draw in thousands of patrons every month to try their slow-cooked meats. The ever-popular Franklin Barbecue usually has several hours long wait before you are even able to sit down inside. Make sure to try out some of the city’s delicious BBQ!

Grab a Drink When you Visit the Best Places to Visit in Austin TX

In addition to great food, you can also find incredible handcrafted beers right in the city. Austin is home to dozens of local microbreweries that specialize in many types of beers. St. Elmo Brewing Company and Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company are two of the most popular breweries you can check out.

Keep Austin Weird

Austin is often compared to another popular destination city, Portland. Both cities have similar interests with incredible live music, food, and artwork. The murals you can find around Austin are second to none and will give you plenty of picturesque moments. Most of these murals are just a short drive away from your vacation rental. Make sure to check out the I Love You So Much for a great picture opportunity with a loved one when you visit some of the best places to visit in Austin TX.

Booking with Austin Vacation Rentals

There has never been a better time to help “Keep Austin Weird” by exploring this incredible city and staying in one of our luxury vacation rentals. You will find a home away home in each available rental that features luxurious amenities, open floor plans, and all within close proximity of the exciting attractions found around town. By choosing Austin Vacation Rentals you are choosing to make the best of your Austin vacation getaway. Browse our condo rentals in Austin!

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