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Learn About the Rich History of Austin Texas

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When checking out a new city for the first time, you should consider getting to know its history and how it came to be. Finding out the history of a city can help you find interesting attractions to check out you would not have thought about before. Austin is no exception with its rich history that deserves to be explored. Here is the history of Austin Texas:

Early History of Austin Texas

The history of Austin dates back to the 1830s when the area was first settled by Anglo-American settlers. After several years these settlers eventually made their residence permanent and named their newly created settlement Austin. While Austin was the first capital of the Republic of Texas, it was eventually moved to Houston due to its remoteness. Its status as the capital of Texas was not renewed until 1850 when the governor at the time called for the annexation of Texas. This, in turn, led to Texas seceding from the Union and joining the Confederacy during 1861, further adding to the Civil War conflict.

Growth of Austin

Throughout the history of Austin Texas, specifically following World War I, Austin grew at an astonishing rate. The population started to increase by around 40% every decade. During this time, Austin found its strengths in its education and government system. The University of Texas became known for its curriculum and successful graduates, resulting in the number of enrolled students doubling during the 1960s. Nowadays Austin has seen an influx of technology firms such as IBM, Texas Instruments, and more. As more jobs continue to be added to the city, its growth is only expected to increase.

Rise of Youth

Austin is going through a renaissance of the arts and it possesses a strong economy. Young adults, in particular, have started to flood the city with its liberal politics in a conservative state, alternative culture, and lower housing costs as compared to the East Coast. This influx of growth has led to the development of “smart growth” to help the surrounding neighborhoods keep pace with increased growth.

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