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Find Out What Are the Best Times to Visit Austin TX

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Like most other vacation destinations, there are times when it’s the best time to visit Austin TX. Since Austin is located in the Southwest, high temperatures are common throughout the summer season. Here are the best times to visit Austin during your vacation getaway:

Visiting During the Fall Season

One of the best times to visit Austin TX would be the fall. In fact, most vacationers can easily agree that the fall season is the best time to visit Austin. The temperatures are starting to drop down to the 70s for the daily highs and the humidity is barely felt. Most event organizers also know this time is ideal for travelers and schedule many exciting events to enjoy. Check out the Austin City Limits Music Festival and Austin Film Festival each October for the best in music and cinema.

Visit Austin During the Winter Season

Austin does not experience winter like the rest of the country does. Temperatures often rest in the 60s with the rare chance of snow every few years. Winter is one of the slower seasons for Austin, making it one of the best times to visit Austin TX. Attractions will be cheaper along with the airfare as well when you visit Austin during this time.

Visiting During the Spring Season

Another popular time for travelers to visit Austin is the spring season, where the temperature stays in the 70s and 80s. The South by Southwest Festival is a great annual attraction that brings incredible live music, movies, and artwork to the city. Be careful if you are traveling in May, as the University of Texas graduation ceremony will see an influx of travelers into the city.

Visit Austin During the Summer Season

Weather-wise, the summer season is the least ideal time to visit the city. The temperature often soars past 100 degrees and the humidity is easily felt. However, this heat still does not scare away potential travelers. Expect to see a decent number of travelers due to the summer break for kids.

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