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When it is time to start planning for your Austin vacation, you may not have a completely clear picture of all there is to do while you are there. You have heard that it has a terrific night life, so you know you are interested in that, the food is rumored to be incredible, so you definitely want to try that, and word on the street is that Austin Vacation Rentals has the most comfortable beds in town, so you have already signed up to stay with us! But beyond that, you are unsure, and that’s perfectly alright, as we have put together this guide of the top Austin tours to experience during your stay in Austin, ensuring that every minute is filled with fun and fascination.

Barton Springs Bike Rental Tours

One of the best ways to get to know a city is to get out on its streets and explore, and the bike tours offered by Barton Springs Bike Rental Tours are the perfect way to do so! Providing all the safety equipment you need for an unforgettable Austin tour, plus baskets and bottled water, and lasting anywhere from an hour to three hours, guests will receive an up close and personal tour of the town Texas loves most. For those who aren’t sure their legs can handle all the pedaling, they also offer an electric bike tour, taking away some of the pressure of a long bike ride.

Austin Brewery Tours

Drinking beer and having a great time are just two of our favorite activities, and you can combine them both when you sign up for an Austin Brewery Tour! Visit three breweries in one day without having to worry about driving from place to place and learn a little about the art of brewing the perfect beer when you attend the behind-the-scenes tour that is included in your initial fee! The guides are fun, friendly, and can help beer novices find the one brew they will fall in love with!

Capital Cruises Bat Watching Sunset Tours

Bat watching? Are we crazy? Well, Austin is known as the city of weird, but the bat watching tours are a legitimately fascinating part of town and when you add in the glorious colors of a Texas sunset, well, the night turns out to be crazy good! Lasting approximately an hour and 45 minutes, nearly every night at sunset the bats from one of the largest urban bat colonies in the world leave their home under the Congress Street bridge, flying out to do whatever bats do at night, and you and your family can be there to see the show!

After a Day of Tours, Come Home to Our Vacation Rentals

When you are through with your Austin tours, coming home to the comforts of our Austin Vacation Rentals sanctuaries promises to be the best part of your day. Reserve your stay today!

If you want to experience the perfect day in Austin, one great way to do it is to book a tour with an experienced guide here in town. There are plenty of options with a wide variety of adventures to embark upon. Here are some of our favorite Austin tours offered!

Best of Small-Group Guided Austin Tours

This isn’t your typical bus tour. It’s a ‘bucket list’ tour, and on this ride offered through Austin Detours you’ll get to experience the best of Austin in just two short hours! It’s a whirlwind adventure where you’ll see some fun and off-the-beaten path spots that only locals know about, and you’ll get around quickly with your friendly guide. See places like the Capitol Building, Graffiti Park at Castle Hill, and even a dessert truck.

Austin in a Nutshell Bike Tour

Explore the world of Austin, Texas from the seat of a bike with this exercise-heavy tour offered through Barton Springs Bike Rentals & Austin Tours. You’ll get to soak in the sights and sounds of the city as the wind rushes around you; everything from the Capitol building to the downtown party spots.

Austin Craft Beer and Brewery Tour

If you’re a beer aficionado, or even if you’re just a casual lover, you’ll enjoy this tour of the Austin brewery scene offered through Brewery Austin Tours. Learn all about the brewing process as you visit some of the most popular breweries in the area, explore the Rainey Street district, and enjoy tastings along the way.

Ghost and Bat Segway Tour

This tour is 2.5 hours of spooktacular fun, offered only once a day at 7:00pm through Segway Nation. It’s a short learning process when it comes to riding a Segway, and then, you’ll get to take this thrilling tour to see Austin’s historic buildings and hear the haunted tales behind them. You’ll also get to make friends with the famous bats of Congress Avenue Bridge. You’ll even get to see the Texas State Capitol Building and the Austin Convention Center on this tour!

Start Today with Austin Vacation Rentals

Spend your stay in style by choosing a rental home through us here at Austin Vacation Rentals. Just get in touch with us today at 833-241-7651 and we’ll help you take the first step on your vacation! Contact us now!

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