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In regular times, a luxury weekend is always appreciated, but during the uncertain times we are living in now, it is practically a necessity! The need to get away and explore somewhere new while taking the time to revel in everything sumptuous is strong in many of us right now, and if your journey has you headed in the direction of Austin, we can ensure your trip will wow you. All you need is to follow this guide to having a luxurious weekend in our favorite place on earth!

All that Shines Bright On Your Getaway to Austin

When searching for the perfect souvenir on a normal vacation you may head towards shops that sell tee shirts and magnets but on your luxury getaway to Austin, you may have something quite different in mind. A beautiful piece of jewelry, perhaps? Benold’s Jewelry, 2900 W Anderson Lane, is known for their quality pieces that are designed to make the wearer feel special. Pick a piece that represents your Southwestern getaway or choose a classic piece that makes your heart beat faster; everything in Benold’s is designed to take your breath away!

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Taking Care of You

This next luxury involves the person you see staring back at you from that mirror on the wall. The next step in your weekend of wow should be inside the doors of milk + honey spa, 100A Guadalupe Street. Offering packages that will make you feel refreshed and renewed, we can promise that you will walk out feeling like an entirely new person! Take a few hours and give their Ultimate Retreat package a try. Including a massage, a facial, manicure, pedicure, and a special spa lunch, this ultimate package is truly the ultimate luxury!

Fine Dining for the Win

The best meal can make for the most magnificent of luxuries, and if you want the best, Jeffrey’s, located at 1204 W Lynn Street, will make your taste buds applaud! Featuring a menu filled with classic dishes prepared with an innovative twist, guests will find themselves falling in love at first bite. Starting with the truffled deviled eggs and ending with a sweet chocolate souffle, the in-between moments will be equally exciting as you feast on your favorite pastas, dine on juicy steaks, or find your mouth watering at the first glimpse of their Pekin Duck breast “au Poivre.”

Home Is Where Luxury Begins

No matter how you fill the moments of your luxury getaway to Austin, coming home to the luxury of an Austin Vacation Rentals sanctuary will be the best part of all. Reserve your stay today!

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In a world of absolutes, the gray areas tend to get lost as we seek the opposite of what we already have, especially in the winter months. We either seek out places that are cold and snowy or go to the extreme in the opposite direction, seeking warmth and beaches on which we work hard on our tans to impress those we left behind at home! But what about the areas that have neither snow nor balmy temperatures? Does our tendency for extremes mean that we should ignore the average temperatures and lack of beaches and ski slopes of the perfectly wonderful city of Austin? Of course not! Our guide to all the fun you can have during a winter weekend getaway to Austin and a stay in one of our vacation escapes offers all the proof you need!

Mild and Beautiful

With highs reaching the mid-60s and lows dropping to the low 40s, the weather in Austin is actually quite nice in the winter months, making it the perfect time to head outside for a hike to some of the most beautiful spots in town. The Barton Creek Greenbelt is one of our favorite hiking spots, featuring 13 miles of trails and the opportunity to take a photo for your annual Christmas card at a beautiful waterfall. Bikers may appreciate the views of Lady Bird Lake and the Ann and Roy Hike-and-Bike Trail, and even though it may feel a bit cool at first, by the time you reach the end of the 10-mile trail, we can practically guarantee you will feel nice and toasty!

Rainy Days on a Getaway to Austin

Rainy days are often looked upon with disappointment, but during your weekend of winter wonders in Austin, a little rain allows you to explore all there is to do indoors! The Blanton Museum of Art, located at 200 E Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, is open again after a brief closure due to the pandemic, and we are grateful! Filled with some of the most beautiful artwork you’ve ever seen, you could spend an entire year inside its walls and never see it all, and although you need to make reservations in advance and wear masks while you’re there, it’s definitely a site you will never forget.

Come Home to Austin Vacation Rentals

However you choose to spend your winter weekend in Austin, coming home each evening to the quiet luxury and comfort of one of our magical hideaways is guaranteed to be the highlight of your entire trip. Reserve your stay today!

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