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If you recently found yourself back in the classroom, only this time the classroom was your dining room table and instead of being the student you were the teacher, chances are the pandemic changed your world as much as ours. Even if your child is still participating in school virtually, it’s just one more way your world has changed in 2020, but there is a silver lining! Homeschooling doesn’t have to be done from home; online schooling can be done from anywhere in the world! When your educational journey brings you to the town that is proud to be weird, Austin, Texas, this Austin activities guide we’ve prepared will ensure this getaway is also entertaining.

Love Your Curriculum

Homeschool teachers know they can take almost any topic and turn it into school curriculum, and your Austin journey is yet another fascinating example. Teaching math via budgeting for your trip, enjoying recess out by the private pool of your luxury Austin Vacation Rentals temporary schoolhouse, and discussing the Keep Austin Weird campaign as part of your social studies assignments is just a small part. The history of Austin is long and rich, giving parents the perfect opportunity to make history class a meaty one! Starting with the original name of Austin—Waterloo—and leading to the successful metropolis it has become today, there is no shortage of information to build a module with!

Field trips are popular in the real classrooms, and it is no difference for your virtual one as you take your child (or children) to history museums all over the city. The Bullock Texas State Historical Museum, located at 1800 Congress Avenue, tells the stories of our town, our state, and the people who have sacrificed so much to make our state the great place it is today. Adding a bit of science class to your history field trip, their IMAX documentary titled “Into America’s Wild” offers the perfect introduction to an Earth science module, should you be so inclined!

Austin Activities for When the Lunch Bell Rings

When hunger pangs strike, the close location of our fully equipped kitchens eliminate the need for brown bags, but why cook when there are a host of delicious lunch spots that allow you to get out for a while and enjoy a taste of the town? Forthright at 35 Brazos Street serves made from scratch meals that are healthy and delicious and features a cocktail menu for the teacher!

The Joy of Home Schooling

Education is important, and our vacation retreats allow those currently learning online to seamlessly continue their education as you re-discover the joys of vacationing! Contact us today to book your educational getaway and to learn more about Austin activities.

As restrictions begin to lift and we find ourselves able to do more and go places, surprisingly we find ourselves looking back on the days at home with warmth and soft regret! We may have worried about having enough toilet paper to make it through the pandemic, but the timeout we all endured allowed us to spend more time with the ones that really mattered. We learned new math from the children we were supposed to be teaching, we had the time to read bedtime stories every night, and for those of us with infants, we didn’t miss out on any of the first milestones! If your travels have you heading in the direction of Austin, Texas and a stay in one of our soothing retreats, this guide to isolated Austin activities you can participate in will allow you the opportunity to experience those wonderful family moments all over again!

Take a Hike on the Butler Hike & Bike Trail

While you won’t exactly have this colorful trail that follows along the banks of Lady Bird Lake all to yourself, it will still feel as if the lake and trail only belongs to you and your family! Just be sure to follow the arrows; this trail is one way now! If it’s still a little too crowded out there for your tastes, you can rent a kayak, paddleboard, or canoe at any of the little “beach” shops along the way. The Austin Paddle Shack, Epic SUP, and Texas Rowing Center are a few examples!

Sunset on Mt. Bonnell

There’s no bad place from which to view a stunning Austin sunset, but if you want to get away from the crowds while you enjoy unobstructed views, a picnic atop Mt. Bonnell may be your best bet! Offering the best seats in the house, your simple feast will be enhanced by the sights and sounds that accompany an ordinary Tuesday evening in Austin.

Visit the Blanton Museum of Art

How can a visit to a museum be an isolated activity, you ask? Simple! This visit is a virtual one that can be experienced without ever having to put on pants, and it won’t cost you a penny. Pour a glass of wine, get comfy, and prepare to explore the beauty of art from all over the world at Blanton Museum of Art; our properties come with free Wi-Fi, so you won’t have to use up precious data!

Explore the Beauty of Austin Vacation Rentals

Not every day has to be spent on the go during your Austin getaway. Reserve your luxurious escape today and take some time to enjoy the space!

In many areas of the world, summer may seem as if it is a thousand years away, especially as we all sit in our homes waiting for quarantines to lift and life to get back to normal. The calendar, however, tells a different story. April is over, May is in progress, and Memorial Day Weekend is just around the corner, making it the perfect time to start planning your unforgettable visit with plenty of Austin activities to enjoy! And as many future Texas visitors have spent their time doing virtual tours of potential vacation properties, it shouldn’t be of any surprise to you that our Austin Vacation Rentals summer escapes will add an extra touch of perfect to your Texas-sized adventure!

Learn a Little Something About Our Great State

Museums can be boring, but not in Texas, as the Bullock Texas State History Museum easily proves! Located at 1800 Congress Avenue, the exhibits, exhibitions, and artifacts found here offer a beautiful picture of our fair state over the centuries and its air conditioned halls can be quite welcoming during the sultry days of summer!

Explore the Beauty of Nature With These Austin Activities

The stunning landscape of Austin is even more breathtaking when viewed from a kayak on the Lady Bird Lake. This body of water is actually a man made reservoir once designed to be used as a cooling pond for the local power plant but is today used as a recreational spot to be enjoyed by water babies from all walks of nature! The view of the Austin skyline is absolutely stunning from the vantage point of the reservoir; boat rentals are available on the banks of this beautiful body of water.

Discover Where the Legend Had Her Start

There’s only one Janis Joplin, and Austin is her old stomping grounds. Threadgill’s at 6416 N Lamar Boulevard is the spot she developed the style she would be known for in her short time on earth. Offering delicious comfort food and an eclectic musical style since the 60s, visitors can’t help but feel they are a part of history from the first moments they step inside!

Keeping Austin Weird

We are a weird little town and we definitely won’t be offended if you point it out. As a matter of fact, we are proud of our weirdness, and travelers who enjoy stopping at roadside attractions such as the biggest ball of twine or largest frying pan are going to get a real treat out of this next adventure! The Cathedral of Junk, located at 4422-4424 Lareina Drive, is one of our favorite novelties, being a structure created from junk the builder has collected over the years. Construction started in 1988 and continues today, and includes a Zen garden of televisions, a throne room, and a variety of rooms, stairwells, and an observation platform. Seeing the inside can be done by appointment only (call 512-299-7413) but there’s nothing that stops you from driving by to take a peek from the outside if no appointments are available!

Austin Vacation Rentals for the Win

At the end of every day of Austin activities during your Austin stay, coming home to the comfort and style of our summer escapes will be a treat of which you will never tire. Reserve yours today!

The big city is the place to be when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day. The city of Austin is gearing up to celebrate one of our favorite holidays, and you’re so wise to join us! Get ready for music and drinks and laughter and more and we head into St Patrick’s Day in Austin in 2020. (Don’t forget to pack a green shirt!)

Lucky’s St. Patrick’s Day Crawl – Austin

Sat, Mar 14, 2020 at 4:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Parlor and Yard

Tickets: $15

This $15 ticket includes some complimentary drinks, food and drink specials, waived cover charges at the participating bars, professional photographers, and custom lanyards. There’s even a costume contest with a $500 prize. This is a nice way to get out and see the city at night when it’s all aglow and beautiful, and to get acquainted with the nightlife of Austin.

St. Patrick’s Day Austin

Sunday, March 15, 2020 at 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Jourdan-Bachman Pioneer Farms

Tickets: $12

Come to a family friendly St. Patrick’s Day event on Sunday! This is great if you have kids to entertain, or if you just want to have a good time. Here you’ll get a crash course on Irish culture, song, and dance, with live Celtic music, Irish food and drink, horse drawn carriage rides, and more.

St. Patrick’s Day Party!

Tue, Mar 17, 11 AM CDT


Latchkey is one of our favorite Austin bars, and it’s the place to be on a night like this. They’re open until 2:00 AM on St. Patrick’s Day, which gives you plenty of time to enjoy this event held at this classy, upscale bar.

St. Patrick’s Day Bagpipe in the Park

Wed, Mar 18, 12 – 1 AM CDT

Katherine Fleischer Park

If you don’t like the bagpipes, you’ve probably never heard them played the right way. Bagpipes are meant to be heard in the wide-open outdoors, like the way they are in the rolling green hills of Ireland, and it’s just your luck for this holiday that there’s a bagpipe event happening in the park! It’s seriously worth it to head down and check this event out, which will include a complete marching pipe band and drummers. It’s the most Irish thing happening in all of Austin for St. Patrick’s Day 2020.

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In Austin, there’s always something to do, and that includes fun-filled Austin activities for the restless solo traveler. Big cities are great destinations for those traveling alone, so you’ll find Austin a vibrant place to be, ripe with adventure. Take a few of our Austin activities recommendations for solo travelers like you:

Take a Kayak or Paddleboard Tour

Take an unconventional tour through Live Love Paddle, and head out onto the water with an expert tour guide to see Austin in a new light. They offer a wide variety of tours, including: Bat Watching Tour, Urban Kayak Tour, Full Moon Music Paddle, and even a July 4th Fireworks Tour. You can also rent equipment from them if you’d like to go off and explore the waters on your own, free of the constraints of a tour.

Visit the Blanton Museum of Art

Museums are a great solo destination since you’ll be able to explore the exhibits at your own pace. The Blanton Museum of Art’s hours vary slightly day to day, but they’re open every day except Monday, making them a great midday activity. Make sure to catch the current featured exhibits, such as The Artist at Work, Wael Shawky, and SoundSpace.

Explore the Museum of the Weird

This started as a mom and pop shop and evolved into the locally beloved museum of oddities that it is today. This is one of the last old-school, dime museums of eras gone by. If you love sideshows, strange sights, and weird artifacts, this is the place to be. The museum is $12 for adults and is open every day from 10:00am – midnight. Find them on Sixth Street!

Relax at the Zilker Botanical Gardens

This is a wonderful way to spend a day in Austin. The garden is open 9:00am – 5:00 pm, and admission is only $8.00 for adults, which means you can stop by almost any time during the day and spend pennies for hours of enjoyment. When you arrive, you’ll see why Zilker Botanical Gardens is often referred to as “the jewel in the heart of Austin.” Explore the different themed gardens all interconnected with streams, waterfalls, and ponds housing gorgeous Koi fish. We could sit and watch them for hours. This is one of the best Austin activities.

Spend Your Stay with Austin Vacation Rentals & Austin Activities

Spend your stay in Austin in luxury and comfort, in a vacation rental designed with you in mind. We have a wide array of rentals perfectly suited for the solo traveler. Head over to our catalog now to get started on finding yours!

If you want to experience the perfect day in Austin, one great way to do it is to book a tour with an experienced guide here in town. There are plenty of options with a wide variety of adventures to embark upon. Here are some of our favorite Austin tours offered!

Best of Small-Group Guided Austin Tours

This isn’t your typical bus tour. It’s a ‘bucket list’ tour, and on this ride offered through Austin Detours you’ll get to experience the best of Austin in just two short hours! It’s a whirlwind adventure where you’ll see some fun and off-the-beaten path spots that only locals know about, and you’ll get around quickly with your friendly guide. See places like the Capitol Building, Graffiti Park at Castle Hill, and even a dessert truck.

Austin in a Nutshell Bike Tour

Explore the world of Austin, Texas from the seat of a bike with this exercise-heavy tour offered through Barton Springs Bike Rentals & Austin Tours. You’ll get to soak in the sights and sounds of the city as the wind rushes around you; everything from the Capitol building to the downtown party spots.

Austin Craft Beer and Brewery Tour

If you’re a beer aficionado, or even if you’re just a casual lover, you’ll enjoy this tour of the Austin brewery scene offered through Brewery Austin Tours. Learn all about the brewing process as you visit some of the most popular breweries in the area, explore the Rainey Street district, and enjoy tastings along the way.

Ghost and Bat Segway Tour

This tour is 2.5 hours of spooktacular fun, offered only once a day at 7:00pm through Segway Nation. It’s a short learning process when it comes to riding a Segway, and then, you’ll get to take this thrilling tour to see Austin’s historic buildings and hear the haunted tales behind them. You’ll also get to make friends with the famous bats of Congress Avenue Bridge. You’ll even get to see the Texas State Capitol Building and the Austin Convention Center on this tour!

Start Today with Austin Vacation Rentals

Spend your stay in style by choosing a rental home through us here at Austin Vacation Rentals. Just get in touch with us today at 833-241-7651 and we’ll help you take the first step on your vacation! Contact us now!

An Austin spring break means a lot more than fun at the park and some outdoor entertainment. The whole city gears up for the coming of the spring and celebrates it in style. Whether you’re traveling with your family, or seeking a romantic escapade with someone special, Austin has a lot of fun and adventures lined up for you to enjoy.

Fun for the Whole Family

Celebrating an Austin spring break with your family couldn’t be any more fun, especially if you make your way to Zilker Park. This popular attraction has loads of activities for everyone. Children in particular will love the Zephyr miniature train and canoeing on Lady Bird Lake. Adults will have their share of the fun too, exploring the many hiking trails that park has. Another attraction not to be missed is the Barton Springs Pool. It’s an all year-round attraction but draws quite a crowd in the spring. If you prefer the outdoors, then a visit to McKinney Falls will keep you entertained with the miles of trails, picnic areas, astonishing waterfalls, and campgrounds.

Austin Texas Adventures

We all love a dash of adventure in our vacation. But some people choose their vacation destinations mainly because of the number of exciting activities it offers, and Austin has no shortage of such exciting attractions as zip lines, kayaking, canoeing, and rowing. And since you’re in the Live Music Capital of the World, you would want to enjoy some live performances at the Continental Club or the Moody Theater. Whatever your adventure, Austin is sure to have it. So free your schedule this Spring Break and buckle up for some great Austin Texas adventures.

Austin Vacation Homes with Something Extra

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It’s only normal to start feeling a little depressed as summer draws to an end. Even those of us who still work full time jobs still look at the season as a magical time period filled with possibility, and the arrival of fall brings along responsibilities, chores, and the feeling that childhood has ended. If that’s how you feel today, we have good news for you: It’s only August, you still have a few more weeks of summer! It’s time to start planning that Labor Day trip to Austin, Texas. There’s still one last long weekend of summer to play! Here’s five incredible ways to make sure you get the most out of your Labor Day in Austin celebrations!

Silent Party Austin

If you don’t know what silent party is already, chances are you may not be interested, but give it a try anyway; it’s actually kind of cool! No speakers, no loud music, just put on your headphones and the channels you want to listen to as you celebrate the freedom to dance to your own tunes. Our Labor Day Weekend Silent Party is being held August 31st through September 1st at the Rainey Social and celebrates the music of trap and R&B.

Summer and Music Go Hand in Hand

Our best summer memories involve outdoor concerts and thousands of screaming fans. What better way to say farewell to your favorite season than by attending Bob Schneider’s Labor of Love Concert at the Nutty Brown Amphitheater on September 2? Tickets start at $20 and top out at $100. Food, drinks, and lawn seating will be available to everyone.

Pool Party at Barton’s Springs Municipal Pool

We do things differently in Texas, and this municipal pool located in the middle of Zilker Park isn’t a boring old chlorine pool—it’s water source is the nearby springs! Located at 2131 William Barton Drive, the refreshing turquoise water will bring a smile to your face as it cools down your core. Lifeguards are on duty, so your celebrations will be safe!

Stop and Smell the Roses

You’re already at the Zilker Park for the pool, you might as well take some time to smell the pretty flowers while you’re at it! Pack a picnic and spend some time exploring the 36 acres of Zilker Botanical Garden. Featuring Japanese gardens, rose gardens, koi ponds, and so much more, a peaceful hike through this flowering Zen garden offers a peaceful way to say adieu to summer’s pleasures.

Stay in and Experience the Joys of Your Vacation Escape

There’s no need to go anywhere. Stay in one of our beautiful 2 bedroom homes and play in your luxuriously comfortable Austin Vacation Rentals fantasy abode. Sleep late in cloud soft beds, play board games with the kids at the dining table, and celebrate the holiday in all-American style with a barbecue on the deck of one of our luxury rentals. Everything is bigger and better in Texas, and this Labor Day weekend in Austin will be no exception, we even offer 4 bedroom and 3 bedroom rentals for larger groups. Contact us today to book one of our vacation rentals!

During the summer months, Austin can get hot, but the city offers plenty of fun to beat the heat. From natural springs to movie theaters and arcades, there are plenty Austin activities to keep cool when the mercury starts rising.

Barton Springs

Barton Springs is a 3-acre pool located in downtown Austin’s Zilker Park. The pool is fed from an underground spring with an average temperature of 70 degrees, making it the perfect place to stay cool during the summer. The pool is open seven days a week from 5 a.m. – 10 p.m., with limited hours on Thursdays for cleaning. The area surrounding the pool is grassy, with plenty of trees for shade; however, food and alcohol are not allowed. There is an admission fee to swim during the hours of 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. when a lifeguard is on duty.

Quest ATX

If you want a more extreme way to stay cool, check out Quest ATX, Austin’s only cable wakeboard park. Located in southeast Austin, the cable wakeboard park offers rentals and lessons for both beginner and advanced wakeboarders. Quest ATX also has a brand new water obstacle course complete with a climbing wall, monkey bars, and rope swings. The park is family and dog-friendly and has a restaurant with some of Austin’s best craft beer.

Alamo Drafthouse

If you are looking for a way to stay cool indoors, catch a movie at one of the Alamo Drafthouse theaters. With six locations in town, the Alamo is perfect for escaping the summer heat. The theaters show both new movies and cult classics and serves award-winning food, craft beer, and cocktails directly to your seats.

Pinballz Arcade

No summer is complete without a day at the arcade. With two locations in Austin, Pinballz has the largest collection of classic pinball and arcade games in Texas.

The original location opened in 2010 and was created after the owner’s personal pinball collection got too large. This location also has a restaurant and is BYOB (all adults over 21 years of age are allowed to bring one alcoholic drink in at a time). The newer and larger Lake Creek location has a mini-bowling alley, laser tag, a 7D Dark Ride Theater, and a laser maze. It also has a restaurant which serves beer, wine, and cocktails.

No matter what time of year you choose to visit, you are guaranteed to have a good time in Austin. If you are planning a vacation to Austin, check out our vacation rentals. All of our rentals have air conditioning and are centrally located, making it easy to get to some of city’s best restaurants, bars, and activities for keeping cool. If you would like to book a rental or have questions about our rentals, please contact us today!

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