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Every season is the best season for an unforgettable visit to Austin, but we won’t lie to you. Fall holds a special place in our heart, and if you are planning on traveling here during the season, (and staying in one of our luxurious Austin Vacation Rentals seasonal sanctuaries) you may never want to go home again! Offering all the traditional traits of the season—cooler weather, fiery trees, and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING—your stay is destined to be more fun than you knew you could have, especially when you follow this guide to our favorite fall activities in Austin!

Oktoberfest at Bangers Sausage House and Beer Garden, September 23-25, 79 Rainey Street

As the pandemic loosens its grip on the world, fun events like Oktoberfest are slowly reappearing, and we couldn’t be more excited to talk about the Oktoberfest celebration at Bangers! Offering beer and brats, live music, and more beer and brats, every minute spent raising a toast to friends, good times, and to having more beer will be some of the best minutes of your Austin fall getaway!

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Blue Owl Brewing, 2400 E Cesar Chavez Street #300

As if you haven’t already enjoyed a beer or two at Oktoberfest, the fall is the perfect time to sample the craft beers for which we are famous, and Blue Owl Brewing is one of our favorite places to explore! Offering a tasting room that is open Wednesday through Sunday and a delicious selection of Austin based brews, right now they are still featuring summer delights that include Teeny Hopper, a juicy sour session with grapefruit undertones and a 4 % ABV, but starting September 22nd, the fall flavors will emerge, starting with another sour session, the Pastry Gose, which offers a 3.4 % ABV and tastes as yummy as your grandma’s peach cobbler, just with a little more kick.

Take a Hike With These Fall Activities in Austin

The best way to enjoy the changing of the season and all the beauty that comes along with fall is to get out there in the midst of it all, and a hike through the natural landscape is sure to take your breath away. The McKinney Falls State Park’s Homestead Trail is one of our favorites, taking you along just over 3 miles of simply spectacular fall beauty! The pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, however, is the view of the lower falls, and of course, the forest of trees you will be walking through, all dressed in their autumn finest. The vibrant colors, the coolness of the air, and the tranquil serenity of McKinney Falls makes this adventure one that will speak to your soul!

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As the skies turn gray and the humidity levels rise during your unforgettable Austin adventures, you may find yourself looking anxiously at heavy clouds and wondering how long it will be before your fun gets washed away. Rainy days are seldom appreciated, especially on vacation, but we at Austin Vacation Rentals have a little secret to share with you: Rainy days can be the best days when you explore this list of activities in Austin we have prepared! Just look at the excess moisture as a gentle nudge by Mother Nature pointing you in a new direction as you stay warm, dry, and entertained with indoor adventures in Austin.

Think Hard and Play Even Harder

If this is a family vacation, trying to find ways to keep the kiddos entertained when cooped up inside can be a scary proposition, but never fear! Thinkery (1830 Simond Avenue) a children’s museum filled with hands on experiences, a pint-sized farmers’ market, and a joy to all little boys and girls of all ages, a Train Town. This sweet museum is destined to be your rainy day savior as your littles happily play, learn, and stay out of mud puddles.

These Activities in Austin Will Make You Wine!

Not all getaways involve children, and if you and your favorite traveling partner are seeking out dry-ish activities in Austin of the adult kind, a visit to Wanderlust Wine, 610 N Interstate Highway 35, will definitely make you wine! Offering over 50 wines to taste, coming in from all over the world, sitting, sipping, and celebrating the rain drops that are not falling on your head will be an adventure you won’t soon forget.

Museums and Rain

There is something wonderful about spending a rainy and gloomy day under cover of a house of history, and when the skies open up and you decide you want to learn more about the great state of Texas, the Bullock Texas State History Museum located at 1800 Congress Avenue is the first place you need to go! Offering a comprehensive history of the greatest state on earth (in our humble opinions!), the stories told here will linger with you long after you return to real life. Stay dry and cozy as you explore exhibits about guitars, oil rigs, and learn about our humble beginnings in a story so fascinating, you won’t want your tour to end!

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There is that one person in everyone’s lives that never seems to get the credit for all the wonderful things they do, and oftentimes that one person is usually our spouse! He or she is in charge of remembering doctor’s appointments, the passwords on all the accounts, even the birthday of Aunt Ethel on your father’s side, being sure to remember that she loves the drugstore box of chocolate turtles that is sent every year. After the train wreck that was known as 2020, doesn’t your partner deserve a Valentine’s Day that outshines all the others that went before? This guide to the most romantic activities in Austin you can participate in during your unforgettable Austin getaway will only get better when you choose Austin Vacation Rentals for your luxury love nest!

Drive-in Movies Are Making a Comeback!

For many of the younger generation, the drive-in is something only seen in the movies, but they were popular once. For those of us who have personal memories of nights at the drive-in, their comeback is a great thing! The Blue Starlite Drive-in is an Austin example that we can’t get enough of, and we think it’s perfect for a night of romance, snacks, and fantasy. Offering three locations throughout Austin, the Blue Starlite bills itself as boutique drive-ins and only accepts from 15 to 40 cars a night, but if you are one of the lucky ones, you’ll fall in love all over again as you snack on popcorn and sodas, fiddle with the dials on your radio to ensure you have the optimum viewing experience, and perhaps take a step back into your history and steam up the windows more than a little!

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Laughing in Love

New couples may not appreciate this bit of advice, but those who have been each other’s Valentines for more than a few months get it. If you can laugh together, you will stay together forever, so why not laugh in love together with a visit to the Capitol City Comedy Club! Located at 8120 Research Boulevard #100, this spot will have you laughing until your jaws ache and your ribs hurt as you take in the performances of comedians from all over the nation! Featuring local funny men and even funnier women, as well as some of your favorite big-time stars, their open mic nights are always a blast and if the love of your life considers himself a funny guy himself, this is the perfect opportunity to prove it to the world!

A Romance That Lasts With These Activities in Austin

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The world changed overnight with the arrival of COVID-19, but even though we never know from minute to minute what’s going to happen next, there are some good things that have happened, even though we may not have realized it at the time! We have been able to spend more time with our families, learned some new recipes and practiced our organizational skills at home, and discovered that the commute from the bedroom to the kitchen table is not taxing at all! And just because you’re working from home, it doesn’t mean you have to work from YOUR home! Working remotely won’t seem like working at all when you’re ensconced in the luxury of one of our happy hideaways. Does Austin work from home idea sound tempting to you? Read more below!

Designed to Spoil

Your family may be exploring our town that’s proud of its weirdness as you take virtual meetings in between doing paperwork and phone calls, but you can still enjoy the working hours! Do your monthly reports by the pool, spending your “breaks” in the crystal-clear waters and working on your tan. Order lunch from one of the many restaurants that deliver to the area; Cypress Grill is one of our favorites, offering Cajun classics that will dance on your taste buds beautifully. They deliver, but if you’re out of delivery range, it would be worth the drive to 4404 W. William Cannon Drive for curbside pickup! Once you’re back from lunch, turn up the sound system and rock the rest of the day away as you deal with emails and reports and all the paperwork that comes with a workday.

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Weekends and Evenings

Punching out at the end of a day is a joy appreciated even more during your Austin adventures, allowing you to get in the car and drive to Lady Bird Lake for some watery recreation! Swimming, boating, and fishing are popular activities at this body of water named after our former first lady, Lady Bird Johnson. If you’re visiting in the evening, a walk along the concrete paths that surround the lake will give you a view of the city and the sunsets that are our pride and joy!

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In many areas of the world, summer may seem as if it is a thousand years away, especially as we all sit in our homes waiting for quarantines to lift and life to get back to normal. The calendar, however, tells a different story. April is over, May is in progress, and Memorial Day Weekend is just around the corner, making it the perfect time to start planning your unforgettable visit with plenty of activities in Austin to enjoy! And as many future Texas visitors have spent their time doing virtual tours of potential vacation properties, it shouldn’t be of any surprise to you that our Austin Vacation Rentals summer escapes will add an extra touch of perfect to your Texas-sized adventure!

Learn a Little Something About Our Great State

Museums can be boring, but not in Texas, as the Bullock Texas State History Museum easily proves! Located at 1800 Congress Avenue, the exhibits, exhibitions, and artifacts found here offer a beautiful picture of our fair state over the centuries and its air conditioned halls can be quite welcoming during the sultry days of summer!

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Explore the Beauty of Nature With These Activities in Austin

The stunning landscape of Austin is even more breathtaking when viewed from a kayak on the Lady Bird Lake. This body of water is actually a man made reservoir once designed to be used as a cooling pond for the local power plant but is today used as a recreational spot to be enjoyed by water babies from all walks of nature! The view of the Austin skyline is absolutely stunning from the vantage point of the reservoir; boat rentals are available on the banks of this beautiful body of water.

Discover Where the Legend Had Her Start

There’s only one Janis Joplin, and Austin is her old stomping grounds. Threadgill’s at 6416 N Lamar Boulevard is the spot she developed the style she would be known for in her short time on earth. Offering delicious comfort food and an eclectic musical style since the 60s, visitors can’t help but feel they are a part of history from the first moments they step inside!

Keeping Austin Weird

We are a weird little town and we definitely won’t be offended if you point it out. As a matter of fact, we are proud of our weirdness, and travelers who enjoy stopping at roadside attractions such as the biggest ball of twine or largest frying pan are going to get a real treat out of this next adventure! The Cathedral of Junk, located at 4422-4424 Lareina Drive, is one of our favorite novelties, being a structure created from junk the builder has collected over the years. Construction started in 1988 and continues today, and includes a Zen garden of televisions, a throne room, and a variety of rooms, stairwells, and an observation platform. Seeing the inside can be done by appointment only (call 512-299-7413) but there’s nothing that stops you from driving by to take a peek from the outside if no appointments are available!

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In Austin, there’s always something to do, and that includes fun-filled Austin activities for the restless solo traveler. Big cities are great destinations for those traveling alone, so you’ll find Austin a vibrant place to be, ripe with adventure. Take a few of our Austin activities recommendations for solo travelers like you:

Take a Kayak or Paddleboard Tour

Take an unconventional tour through Live Love Paddle, and head out onto the water with an expert tour guide to see Austin in a new light. They offer a wide variety of tours, including: Bat Watching Tour, Urban Kayak Tour, Full Moon Music Paddle, and even a July 4th Fireworks Tour. You can also rent equipment from them if you’d like to go off and explore the waters on your own, free of the constraints of a tour.

Visit the Blanton Museum of Art

Museums are a great solo destination since you’ll be able to explore the exhibits at your own pace. The Blanton Museum of Art’s hours vary slightly day to day, but they’re open every day except Monday, making them a great midday activity. Make sure to catch the current featured exhibits, such as The Artist at Work, Wael Shawky, and SoundSpace.

Explore the Museum of the Weird

This started as a mom and pop shop and evolved into the locally beloved museum of oddities that it is today. This is one of the last old-school, dime museums of eras gone by. If you love sideshows, strange sights, and weird artifacts, this is the place to be. The museum is $12 for adults and is open every day from 10:00am – midnight. Find them on Sixth Street!

Relax at the Zilker Botanical Gardens

This is a wonderful way to spend a day in Austin. The garden is open 9:00am – 5:00 pm, and admission is only $8.00 for adults, which means you can stop by almost any time during the day and spend pennies for hours of enjoyment. When you arrive, you’ll see why Zilker Botanical Gardens is often referred to as “the jewel in the heart of Austin.” Explore the different themed gardens all interconnected with streams, waterfalls, and ponds housing gorgeous Koi fish. We could sit and watch them for hours. This is one of the best Austin activities.

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