It’s not easy to experience all of Austin on a short visit, especially when you only have three days to explore this amazing city. There are so many things to do, experience, and enjoy. We’ve come up with a three-day plan that can guide you on your short getaway. You can pick and choose from the Austin attractions below to suit your needs and interests. We’ve included a few must-see Austin attractions for anyone visiting this place for the first time.

Austin Attractions – Zilker Metropolitan Park Attractions

When you’re looking for green space, Zilker Park is the first thing that pops up on any tourist map or travel agent’s brochure. This is not a regular park either; it spans over 351 acres of lush green areas that surround Lady Bird Lake. Here you’ll find everything you need to spend a day in the arms of nature. Picnic areas are abundant and so are the recreational facilities. Enjoy walking trails, volleyball courts, disc golf courses and many others.

Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge

You might wonder what’s unique about a bridge in Austin and what makes it a popular landmark for tourists and locals alike? The answer is bats! Bats live under the bridge and come evening they fly out seeking food. It’s a wondrous sight to see all those bats flying about in these beautiful formations. Bats feed on night insects like mosquitoes, which is one reason the locals love and cherish the Congress Avenue Bridge bats. There are even tours specifically designed to help you see the bats!

Mexic-Arte Museum

The cultural influences of Mexican, Latino, and Latin American cultures on Texan life are visible and undeniable. Mexic-Arte Museum celebrates all forms of these influences and displays them with pride. The exhibits include photography, painting, sculpture, and other mixed media forms.

Mount Bonnell

When you want to find a standpoint that gives you a comprehensive view of the city of Austin so that you can take it all in one glance, Mount Bonnell is the place to be. At the highest point on the mountain, you can see as far as the Colorado River. It’s an ideal place for photo-ops, although you will have to do a bit of climbing to reach the summit.

This is just a small sample of all that Austin has to offer, but it provides a good start for your three-day excursion. For more information about other Austin attractions and to book your stay in the city, call us today! Check out these fun holidays in Austin, Texas!