Every vacation has its own feel and vibe. Some are designed to be family getaways, filled with child friendly activities and adventures that draw mom, dad, and the kids closer together. Others are vacations with the friends that have stood by you through thick and thin in which you hit the clubs, turn up the tunes while preparing meals, and stay up late into the night laughing and remembering all the good times you have had together. And finally, there are the romantic escapes with that one person who chose you; offering quiet moments and love filled adventures, these are the ones you never forget, especially when you choose to escape to one of our Austin Vacation Rentals cozy love nests designed to comfort and spoil. This guide to all the magic you can enjoy when your journey brings you to Austin will ensure that neither of you miss a step when it comes to love!

Couple’s Massage with Zen Mind & Body Spa, 1309 W Slaughter Lane

Spoiling each other with romantic Austin activities is easy when you partake in a couple’s massage at Zen Mind & Body Spa. Offering a quiet room that easily fits two tables, two masseuses, and one happy couple, tea, chocolate, and wine can be a part of your massage experience. The massage includes an amethyst crystal mat, hot stones, steam towels, foot massages, and aromatherapy. After the massage has been completed you can share the tea and chocolate with your masseuse or spend some quiet time together alone in the room, reveling in an experience that you don’t enjoy enough!

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Romance Blossoms at Matties, 811 W Live Oak Street

When it is time to eat, romance will be in the air as you explore the menu items available from Mattie’s. Located in a 19th century home surrounded by mature trees and more than a few peacocks and peahens, this special place offers a dining experience you will never want to end. The menu is filled with classic dishes, all prepared with a modern spin, and includes comfort food items such as Mattie’s Fried Chicken and Tender Belly Grilled Pork Ribs. The dessert menu is a large one featuring a Valrhona Chocolate Tart made with peanut butter nougat, salted caramel, and peanut brittle; be sure to save room for this special treat!

Staying in with Austin Vacation Rentals After a Day of Romantic Austin Activities

Of course, the best evenings can often be the ones where you choose to stay in and luxuriate in the amenities that come with our “honeymoon” hideaways. Cuddle in front of a fire on a cold night, sip wine on a balcony watching the sun set on warmer evenings, and sleep deeply in beds topped with premium mattresses. Reserve your favorite today!