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Eat at the Ramen Tatsu Ya in Austin

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Just because you are in the heart of Texas does not mean you cannot find delicious Asian cuisine that will warm your bones. Ramen Tatsu Ya has been serving up amazing bowls of ramen for years at their two Austin locations and is the perfect stop for dinner. This local establishment is the long-awaited collaboration between local chefs and DJs Tatsu Aikawa and Takuya Matsumoto. Their combined experience has roots in Austin and Los Angeles where the craft of ramen was perfected. Ramen Tatsu-Ya makes sure to prepare their broth properly and not use cheap knock offs so you can properly enjoy this soul food of Japan. Here is what you can find at this hip local favorite:

A Culinary Equation

If you have not experienced ramen, you are in for a treat at Ramen Tatsu-Ya. Ramen is a bowl of noodles and your choice of meat in a variety of different broths you can choose from. Once you have the foundation set, you can decorate your bowl with all kinds of veggies and toppings to really bring out the flavor. Try out the Tonkotsu Original with pork bone broth, chashu, ajitama, woodear mushroom, and scallion. If you enjoy a nice hot bowl of miso, the Mi-So-Not is the perfect choice with its miso blend of broth with bean sprouts, napa cabbage, corn, and more. Whatever bowl you choose for your ramen Austin experience, you have the option to top it off with your flavor blend of spices and extra toppings. Vegetarian soy and vegetable broths are also available.

More Than Just Ramen at Rame Tatsu Ya

You can find additional sides and rice bowls to go with your meal. The spicy edamame and sweet and sour yodas are local favorites to start any meal off with. Finish your meal off with Yuzupioca, Japanese citrus tapioca topped with strawberry, basil, and pink peppercorn crumble. Yum!

Follow the Rules

Ramen Tatsu-ya encourages you to follow their “rules” to help you obtain an authentic ramen Austin experience. Chopsticks are the utensils of choice and the employees will even show you how to use them. Slurp the broth loud and proud to enhance the flavor of the noodles. If you finish your noodles before the rest of the bowl, feel free to ask for more!

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