As the skies turn gray and the humidity levels rise during your unforgettable Austin adventures, you may find yourself looking anxiously at heavy clouds and wondering how long it will be before your fun gets washed away. Rainy days are seldom appreciated, especially on vacation, but we at Austin Vacation Rentals have a little secret to share with you: Rainy days can be the best days when you explore this list of activities in Austin we have prepared! Just look at the excess moisture as a gentle nudge by Mother Nature pointing you in a new direction as you stay warm, dry, and entertained with indoor adventures in Austin.

Think Hard and Play Even Harder

If this is a family vacation, trying to find ways to keep the kiddos entertained when cooped up inside can be a scary proposition, but never fear! Thinkery (1830 Simond Avenue) a children’s museum filled with hands on experiences, a pint-sized farmers’ market, and a joy to all little boys and girls of all ages, a Train Town. This sweet museum is destined to be your rainy day savior as your littles happily play, learn, and stay out of mud puddles.

These Activities in Austin Will Make You Wine!

Not all getaways involve children, and if you and your favorite traveling partner are seeking out dry-ish activities in Austin of the adult kind, a visit to Wanderlust Wine, 610 N Interstate Highway 35, will definitely make you wine! Offering over 50 wines to taste, coming in from all over the world, sitting, sipping, and celebrating the rain drops that are not falling on your head will be an adventure you won’t soon forget.

Museums and Rain

There is something wonderful about spending a rainy and gloomy day under cover of a house of history, and when the skies open up and you decide you want to learn more about the great state of Texas, the Bullock Texas State History Museum located at 1800 Congress Avenue is the first place you need to go! Offering a comprehensive history of the greatest state on earth (in our humble opinions!), the stories told here will linger with you long after you return to real life. Stay dry and cozy as you explore exhibits about guitars, oil rigs, and learn about our humble beginnings in a story so fascinating, you won’t want your tour to end!

Experience Austin Vacation Rentals

A rainy day is the perfect day to spend more time enjoying the luxury amenities found in our Austin Vacation Rentals welcoming sanctuaries—reserve yours today!