As the long and hot summer season draws to a close, this year, more than any before, we are excited to see what fall brings—especially the drop in temperatures that accompany the season! Texas in the fall is a beautiful place, filled with love, laughter, and all the pumpkin spice you dream about, and if your fall journey has your feet turned in the direction of our favorite place on earth, this guide to all the fun you can have will ensure this vacation will be one you never want to end.

Get Outside

We’re still trying to social distance, and the easiest way to do so is to get outside and play, something that is even more fun to do as the temperatures drop and the rainy season ends. We pride ourselves as a city that encourages art, and the Art is Everywhere driving tour allows visitors to explore the work of the extremely talented artists who make Austin their home. The interactive map can be found here and will take you through a treasure trove of talent!

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Throw a Family Halloween Party

You already have the masks, so why not pick up the ingredients to your favorite fall foods and desserts and throw a bash for your party of however many? Chili is an easy dish to create in the fully equipped kitchen of your Austin Vacation Rentals holiday hideaway, and if you don’t feel like baking a dessert, you can pick up candy or ready baked goods at the local Safeway! Make use of your satellite radio subscription and choose their Halloween playlists or use the state-of-the-art televisions in the living room to watch spooky movies the entire evening. For those with kids, “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” is always airing at some point during the Halloween season!

Bringing It Home to Austin Vacation Rentals

Whether you are hiking Turkey Creek Trail, paddling on Lake Travis in a rented kayak, or simply telling ghost stories in front of a roaring fire on Halloween, your fall fun will be that much more special when you choose Austin Vacation Rentals for your vacation escape. During these uncertain times, spending time with the ones you love most is what’s important, and if you happen to be doing so in the comfort of one of our vacation properties, all the better! Contact us to learn more about our homes and reserve yours today!