Let’s see a show of hands from all who are totally over the year of 2020! For all those who took staying home to a new level—working from home, ordering takeout to eat at home, even ordering their groceries and necessities to be delivered to their home—the past 12 months might have felt like a long nightmare. If staying home is not how you want to spend your New Year’s Eve, especially if you believe the old superstition that whatever you are doing on New Year’s is what you will be doing the entire next year, how does a trip to Austin for your 2021 celebration sound? This guide to a weirdly wonderful New Year’s Eve and a stay in one of our Austin Vacation Rentals sensational sanctuaries will help celebrate the way you have always dreamed!

A Touch of Elegance in the Roosevelt Room, 307 W 5th Avenue

As you sit sipping something from their signature indulgences menu, dressed in your holiday finest, you and your traveling partner may be discussing the differences this New Year’s in Austin celebration is bringing to your lives. The quiet elegance of your surroundings, the sweet simplicity of their charcuterie board, and the refreshing taste of the Poet’s Muse, a delicious beverage that combines Bombay Sapphire gin, Poet’s Cordial, citrus blend, and umami tincture. These elements combine blend together to ensure your 2021 is cultured and divine!

Russian House, 307 East 5th Street

The words that signify the dining scene of 2020 would definitely have to be take-out and delivery, so having the option of dining out while trying something new is a treat you’re sure to appreciate, and Your New Year’s Eve in Austin wouldn’t be as special without a visit to the Russian House. Offering authentic Russian and Ukrainian dishes and vodka drinks that will make the night cheerful, they also have an online store that allows you to order your new favorite Russian treats!

Staying in Is an Option This New Years in Austin

Although you may be thoroughly sick of staying in, it is not the same if the space you are staying in is entirely new to you, like our Austin Vacation Rentals escapes will be! Spend the last night of the old year getting comfortable as the clock ticks down to the promises offered by the new one. Toss together a meal in our fully equipped kitchens, watch the ball drop on state-of-the-art televisions, and greet the new year with a kiss for your sweetest. Reserve your New Year’s nest with Austin Vacation Rentals today!

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