As you start planning your fun-filled getaway to the city of weird, Austin, chances are you will want to spend lots of time outside, enjoying the natural beauty of our Texas home. 2020 has been a time of uncertainty and restrictions, so getting out of our homes and under the blue skies will more than likely be at the top of your vacation itinerary, and because we want guests to enjoy every minute of their Texas escape, we’ve created this guide to natural Austin attractions. Beautiful, scenic, and impressive, these attractions are a joy to behold!

Barton Springs Pool

For most of our guests, when they think about a pool, they imagine a highly chlorinated, concrete-clad pool of sparkling blue waters, but when you visit Austin, Barton Springs Pool will immediately dispel that image! Created from crystal-clear spring waters that feed into the limestone base, this popular swimming hole is unlike any you have ever seen before. Surrounded by grass and trees, there’s no chlorine sting when you dive under the waters, and the tiny fish you see swimming by keep it exceptionally clean. Located at 2131 William Barton Drive, the springs get too chilly to swim in during parts of the year but are still worth a visit to explore their unusual beauty.

McKinney Falls State Park

Tucked away between Onion and Williamson Creeks, McKinney Falls State Park is a natural attraction you will never want to leave. Offering trails that lead alongside bodies of water and through wooded areas, it can stay cool in the sweltering months of summer as the trees provide shade, and preservation efforts make it a safe refuge for wildlife. Hikers often come across a variety of bird species doing their walks, and during the spring you may even spot a shy doe and her sweet fawn. Fishing is a popular activity in the park and reflecting pools offer photo opportunities, but it’s the falls that will take your breath away and use up most of your camera battery. Offering an upper and lower fall area, the turquoise waters falling over the stones are a serene and tranquil sight to behold. Swimming is allowed when the weather is warm enough.

Enchanted Rock

Sometimes the history surrounding a natural attraction can be even more fascinating than the attraction itself, but with Enchanted Rock, the history and the beauty of the site are equally magnetic! It’s a bit of a drive from Austin to Fredericksburg where Enchanted Rock is located, but the pink granite hilly outcroppings that make up the attraction make it worth the trek. Offering incredible views of the Texas Hill Country and the perfect spots for watching the sun set over the valley, early Native Americans have spun quite a few tales about the noises that emit from the Enchanted Rock and the flashes of light often spotted at the summit.

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