Austin, Texas is a lively center of culture and activity, overflowing with so much art, music, and adventure (both indoor and outdoor) to choose from that even the locals don’t have time to see it all. You’ll have the world at your feet when you come to Austin, and when you come here with someone you love, it’s going to feel like the world’s best date. Here are a few places to take your significant other to make the most of your Austin getaway:

Take a Stroll Through the Zilker Botanical Gardens

Colloquially known as the “jewel in the heart of Austin,” this botanical garden lives up to its name. Taking a romantic stroll through the rich foliage and crafted natural landscapes is a wonderful way to spend an entire day in Austin; you’ll want to see it all, and afterward, you’ll want to simply take a seat by the water together just to breathe in the atmosphere for a while because you won’t want to leave. Open to the public most days of the year, Zilker Botanical Gardens is one of the prettiest places to see in all of Austin.

Swimming and Beer –An All in One Date

Take a fun and relaxing swim at the spring-fed Deep Eddy Pool, a crystal clear and refreshing Regional Aquatic Center. When you’ve had your fill of swimming, towel-off and take a short walk uphill together to the Deep Eddy Cabaret, a charming neighborhood bar that’s been around entertaining both locals and tourists alike since 1951. (Make sure to check the Deep Eddy Pool calendar before stopping by!)

Go Out Dancing Together

Austin is famous for its music scene, so you absolutely must take a dive into the music of Austin while you’re in town. What better way to do that than by making a date of an evening to visit The Continental Club? Open since the 50s, this glitzy venue has become world famous both for the atmosphere and for the artists that perform there. Check out their show calendar when planning your vacation, because hitting the dancefloor is a vital part of the Austin experience. It’s also a great excuse to break out your dance moves and impress your date! This is definitely the most romantic Austin getaway you can plan!

Book Your Romantic Austin Getaway

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