The year-round sun and warmth of Texas are what make it a great getaway no matter the time of year. Austin offers an experience like no other, packed with family fun you won’t find anywhere else. There are plenty of family things to do in Austin for everyone, no matter how old.

Austin Zoo

Take the family to enjoy a family of wild beasts. Walk the grounds and say, “Oh my!” when you visit animals like lions, tigers, bears, cougars, wolves, monkeys, and more. Enjoy Texas wildlife, including the acorn weevil, bronzed cowbird, and northern, black-bellied whistling duck. Tickets to the zoo are currently only available for online purchase. Bring your proof of purchase to the zoo gates for admission.

Austin Aquarium

Once you’ve met the wildlife that makes their home on the land, take some time to visit the ones that dwell in the sea. Encounter sting rays, sharks, tropical fish from all over the world, koi fish, and much more. Learn about coral reefs and how they nourish the underwater environment and provide shelter, then watch sharks as they swim silently through the tanks. Once you’ve gotten to know the inhabitants, schedule a special encounter where you can feed stingrays, tortoises, and even sharks for an unforgettable experience.

Family Things to Do in Austin at the Texas Military Forces Museum

Wander a 45,000-square foot facility to explore the history of the Texas militia and volunteer forces dating back as early as 1823. Permanent exhibits include samples of uniforms, weapons, equipment, personal items, film, music, and other items that reflect life in the military. The museum also hosts several living history programs, as well as battle reenactments, and many other special events.

Texas State Capitol

Austin is the capital city of Texas and houses all the government buildings needed for maintaining everything that keeps the Lone Star State running. The current capitol building was completed and dedicated in May of 1888. If you’ve been to the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC, you may feel like the Texas capitol building is bigger. In fact, the Texas capitol building is 14.64 feet taller than the U.S. capitol, as measured from the ground to the top of the Statue of Freedom the U.S. capitol, and from the ground to the tip of the Goddess of Liberty on the Texas capitol.

Destination: Austin Family Fun

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