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Visit the Popular Pecan Street Festival in Austin

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If you are planning on spending September in Austin and you are looking for a truly iconic Capitol City experience, you will want to check out the Pecan Street Festival. The festival takes place on September 21 from 11 am to 10 pm and September 22 from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm, and admission is free. The very best local bands will take to one of the three stages to regale the crowds with their unique sounds. There will be plenty of food, arts, and crafts at the festival, and you will want to get there early as this twice a year celebration is known for the huge crowds it draws.


The first thing an out of towner may wonder when they visit the Pecan Street Festival is why it is held on Sixth Street. Well, that’s because there is officially no more Pecan Street. When Austin was first established, all the north and south streets were named after rivers and the east and west streets were all named after trees. Eventually, the streets were renamed with numbers. But Sixth Street will always be a little nutty, just like the city it calls home.

The festival has been going strong for over 30 years and it is known as a great place to obtain local artwork. You will find everything from paintings to jewelry and other wearable art. Some of Austin’s best-loved artists will be selling their wares at the event. The festival, one of the best Austin Texas festivals, is juried, and they will be giving away prizes for best artwork.

Pecan Street Festival Music

The three music stages will be located at Trinity, Neches and Red River Streets. There you will see such local favorites as the electronic band Brickwaller, the psychedelic trio Dayeater, and country singer James Owens.

Where to Stay

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