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Modern and sleek, yet somehow maintaining a rustic charm, our Austin Riverfront property offers that something extra guests have come to expect from an Austin Vacation Rentals Austin rental property! Featuring 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, this stunner may be just the one you need to make your vacation dreams come true. Whether you choose to walk to shops, restaurants, and the hottest nightspots in the west or simply stare out your windows at the Colorado River, every moment of your stay with us promises to be ones filled with the makings of the happiest memories!

Rare Beauty in Our Austin Rental Property

Hardwood floors aren’t often used anymore as the convenience and style of engineered woods takes precedence, but our Austin Riverfront home is the exception. Offering dark stained floors polished to a warm glow, they lead the way to spaces filled with warmth and welcoming: a sleek kitchen with updated appliances in stainless steel, a dining room with a large table where guests will eat, talk, and gather together to play games, and a living area offering a soft sofa and cozy chairs in front of floor to ceiling windows that let in the light but make your privacy a priority with blinds that rise from the floor up. These spaces are wonderful on their own merits, but the vintage brick walls and open rafters kick up the charm more than a notch.

Modern meets old with wood shelves housing a state-of-the-art television and stacks of books that invite guests to turn off the television and lose themselves in the fictional worlds that lie within their pages. A hall with rustic unfinished barn wood planks leads the way to the two thoroughly modern and restful bedrooms. Both are light, bright, and feature spaces dominated by plush beds; the brick walls are just an accent in the first bedroom, and the attached bath and the 65-inch television allows guests the opportunity to surf channels before drifting off into a deep and luxurious sleep. The second room offers painted walls, another state-of-the-art television, and subway tiles in its attached bathroom; the farmhouse style sink hanging from the wall in this space is practical and decorative.

You’ve Waited Long Enough

Views of Austin and the river that runs through it can be found in all rooms, and if you feel the need to get out and explore, this sweet space is located close to all that makes Austin one of our favorite places in the world! It’s time to step out of your dreams and into the beautiful reality of this Austin Riverfront home; reserve it today!

As we dive into 2021 with high hopes and open arms, it can be surprising at how quickly the hours, days, weeks, and months fly by. Wasn’t it only yesterday we were greeting the new year from the comfort of our couch? It may seem that way, but we are reaching the end of the first quarter and now is the time to start making your Memorial Day plans. If your journey is turning you in the direction of a Memorial Day in Austin, it’s also time to book one of our Austin Vacation Rentals holiday hideaway. The luxury, comfort, and style is guaranteed to make this escape one you never want to end.

Something for Everyone this Memorial Day in Austin

From your first steps inside to the final lingering glance you give as you walk away with your suitcase rolling behind you, it will be quite obvious that these spaces are designed to impress. Follow the path of wood, carpet, or tile towards the kitchen, the heart of the home, and as you begin opening cabinet doors or peeking into the refrigerators, possibilities for meals that can be created here will start swimming through your mind. The large table that dominates the dining room is where meals will be devoured, stories will be told, and jokes will be shared, sending laughter through the property. Living rooms with comfy couches and large screen smart TVs allow guests to feel at home for the duration of their stay; take a nap, read a book, or watch the big game in these rooms. Outside you may find barbecue grills and picnic tables in some of our properties, private pools and hot tubs in others, and in every property, a sense of warmth and welcoming that makes each guest feel pampered and spoiled. At night, the bedrooms are tranquil spaces to which you can retreat, offering some of the best night’s sleep you have ever enjoyed, ensuring that you will wake up each morning feeling rested, relaxed, and ready to face another day of Austin adventures!

Picnics, Hiking Trails, and Other Fun Austin Activities

Although your Austin Vacation Rentals holiday hideaway is where your happiest memories will be made, there are other adventures you can have during your stay in our favorite town! Enjoy a picnic at the Mansfield Dam Park, take a hike along the Barton Creek Greenbelt Trail, or enjoy some good old fashioned Texas barbecue at Cooper’s Old Time Pit Barbecue, located at 217 Congress Avenue. However you choose to spend your days, spending your nights with us promises to make your Memorial Day 2021 escape one you will never forget. Reserve yours today!

As 2021 moves along at a brisk pace, we find ourselves not just wanting to travel, but needing to explore! The last 12 months have been interesting to say the least, and although we haven’t reached the end of the uncertainty, we can definitely see a light at the end of the tunnel and the glimmer reveals that traveling is once again easier than it has been. And although we just passed the last of the three-day holiday weekends for a while, you may be thinking that Easter is the perfect time to getaway to Austin for a laid-back vacation and a stay in one of our luxurious and comfortable Austin Vacation Rentals holiday hideaways. This guide will give you some ideas on how to make your holiday away one that you will never forget!

Something Wonderful This Easter in Austin

After many months of seeing the same four walls, it will definitely be nice to see something wonderful and new, and our escapes easily provide both for Easter in Austin! But if you worry that your holiday traditions may have to be put aside for this year, we are happy to explain all the reasons you can put your fears aside. Choose your comfy and serene bedroom, toss your suitcases on the bed, and make your way to our fully equipped kitchens to see how easy it will be to create an Easter feast in the space. Filled with high-end appliances, these rooms look pretty but they also make it easy to get the hard work done as you glaze hams, whip mashed potatoes, and boil dozens of eggs for the children to decorate and the resident Easter bunny to hide. Dining rooms dominated by tables large enough to hold the family and the feast serve multiple purposes, as occupants can play games, decorate eggs, or sip coffee in the early mornings watching the skies cycle through Easter colors as the sun fully rises.

Living areas are cozy and warm, containing state of the art televisions, comfy furnishings, and in more than a few cases game tables that can include foosball or pool. Set up the Easter baskets on the ledge over the fireplace, on one of the empty shelves in a bookcase, or on the coffee table that is perched in front of the sofa and watch your kids joyously tear apart your careful prep work to discover the treats inside! And when the sun sets again and the velvety purple sky lights up from the twinkle of millions of stars, sleep will come easy and dreams will be hoppy in rooms designed for peace and comfort.

Every Day Is Special

This Easter will be one to remember when you choose Austin Vacation Rentals for your awesome Austin holiday escape. Reserve your stay today!

As you start planning your unforgettable getaway to our favorite city, you must not forget to add a night on the town with the love of your life to your itinerary! You have both worked so hard this year and sacrificed so much, wouldn’t it be nice to get out on the town and let your hair down for at least one night? We at Austin Vacation Rentals think it would be an excellent idea, and we have put in a lot of hours researching the best hot spots in Austin—so what are you waiting for? Get out there and PLAY!

Speaking of Playing

The best part of your relationship is how young you seem to stay, and while not everyone understands how it happens, we know it is because you have never forgotten how to play together! We do wonder, however, how long it has been since you have rolled around a rink holding hands and swaying to the music? Playland, located at 8822 McCann Drive, still plays all your favorite songs, and the taste of fresh popcorn and an icy Coke still tastes as good as it did in your youth!

Stop and Smell the Roses With These Hot Spots in Austin

Ok, there are a variety of reasons you may not be up for a night of roller skating, and when you really want to let your hair down, there is no better spot than the Rose Room, located at 11500 E Rock Rose Avenue. Open on weekends only and offering table service on the main floor, plus two balconies that overlook the fun, the young and the young and heart come to the Rose Room to dance to the music that makes it impossible to stay in your seat!

A Meal to Remember

The exclamation point to many a date night often revolves around dinner. The Odd Duck, located at 1201 S Lamar Boulevard, is where we have spent many of our own nights with the love of our lives! Offering American style food that includes pork chops, burgers, and a particularly delicious fried goat chorizo stuffed quail served with baba ganoush, braised greens, and salsa macha dish, once you visit, you will never be able to get enough! And although the servings are hearty at the Odd Duck, you might still want to take care with how much you eat, because their cobbler is a treat you should not skip!

At Home with Your One and Only

When the sun sets and the moon rises high, coming home to the sweet sanctuary offered by our Austin Vacation Rentals romantic escapes promises to be the best date night experience of them all. Reserve yours today!

In regular times, a luxury weekend is always appreciated, but during the uncertain times we are living in now, it is practically a necessity! The need to get away and explore somewhere new while taking the time to revel in everything sumptuous is strong in many of us right now, and if your journey has you headed in the direction of Austin, we can ensure your trip will wow you. All you need is to follow this guide to having a luxurious weekend in our favorite place on earth!

All that Shines Bright On Your Getaway to Austin

When searching for the perfect souvenir on a normal vacation you may head towards shops that sell tee shirts and magnets but on your luxury getaway to Austin, you may have something quite different in mind. A beautiful piece of jewelry, perhaps? Benold’s Jewelry, 2900 W Anderson Lane, is known for their quality pieces that are designed to make the wearer feel special. Pick a piece that represents your Southwestern getaway or choose a classic piece that makes your heart beat faster; everything in Benold’s is designed to take your breath away!

Taking Care of You

This next luxury involves the person you see staring back at you from that mirror on the wall. The next step in your weekend of wow should be inside the doors of milk + honey spa, 100A Guadalupe Street. Offering packages that will make you feel refreshed and renewed, we can promise that you will walk out feeling like an entirely new person! Take a few hours and give their Ultimate Retreat package a try. Including a massage, a facial, manicure, pedicure, and a special spa lunch, this ultimate package is truly the ultimate luxury!

Fine Dining for the Win

The best meal can make for the most magnificent of luxuries, and if you want the best, Jeffrey’s, located at 1204 W Lynn Street, will make your taste buds applaud! Featuring a menu filled with classic dishes prepared with an innovative twist, guests will find themselves falling in love at first bite. Starting with the truffled deviled eggs and ending with a sweet chocolate souffle, the in-between moments will be equally exciting as you feast on your favorite pastas, dine on juicy steaks, or find your mouth watering at the first glimpse of their Pekin Duck breast “au Poivre.”

Home Is Where Luxury Begins

No matter how you fill the moments of your luxury getaway to Austin, coming home to the luxury of an Austin Vacation Rentals sanctuary will be the best part of all. Reserve your stay today!

The annual family vacation is an important part of the year, and we are often either talking about it, remembering it fondly, or actively planning the next one! It’s also the only time that you and your kids and spouse seem to have time devoted to just being with each other, and if your vacation property comes up lacking, it can throw quite a kink in the proceedings. If you are reading this, however, you are probably planning your family vacation to the city of weird, and because we want this vacation to be a happy one for you, we will let you in on a little secret: The family friendly features of our Austin Vacation Rentals family escapes are about to be the best part of a vacation that is already destined to be spectacular!

Our Rentals in Austin are Built for Today’s Families

Back in the day, cramped hotel rooms were the only option when traveling, but today a family journey requires space and privacy. Walk into spaces that are spacious, bright, and airy, and fall in love with the cozy fully equipped kitchen that is the heart of the home. The dining areas aren’t just for dining anymore, as we play games, put together puzzles, and take a quick moment to check our work emails at large tables designed to fit the entire family. High chairs and pack and play cribs are available for a small fee, if your children are young, eliminating the need to lug important equipment cross country. Living areas with state-of-the-art televisions and super plush sofas are where you will gather at the end of each day, discussing your Austin adventures, binge watching shows you haven’t been able to keep up with, and on occasion, taking a nap while the quiet roar of family fun surrounds you! At night, exhausted children and parents will easily fall into deep and dreamless sleep in rooms that are comfortable and designed to give every member a little bit of much needed privacy.

Located Where You Want to Be

Because our rentals in Austin are found near the hot spots of the city of Austin, you won’t have to endure a lot of car time and the endless queries of “Are we there yet?” Texas is a big state and there’s a lot to see, so no one will judge you for using Austin as a home base and traveling all around the region! Reserve your Austin Vacation Rentals family fun home away from home today!

There is that one person in everyone’s lives that never seems to get the credit for all the wonderful things they do, and oftentimes that one person is usually our spouse! He or she is in charge of remembering doctor’s appointments, the passwords on all the accounts, even the birthday of Aunt Ethel on your father’s side, being sure to remember that she loves the drugstore box of chocolate turtles that is sent every year. After the train wreck that was known as 2020, doesn’t your partner deserve a Valentine’s Day that outshines all the others that went before? This guide to the most romantic activities in Austin you can participate in during your unforgettable Austin getaway will only get better when you choose Austin Vacation Rentals for your luxury love nest!

Drive-in Movies Are Making a Comeback!

For many of the younger generation, the drive-in is something only seen in the movies, but they were popular once. For those of us who have personal memories of nights at the drive-in, their comeback is a great thing! The Blue Starlite Drive-in is an Austin example that we can’t get enough of, and we think it’s perfect for a night of romance, snacks, and fantasy. Offering three locations throughout Austin, the Blue Starlite bills itself as boutique drive-ins and only accepts from 15 to 40 cars a night, but if you are one of the lucky ones, you’ll fall in love all over again as you snack on popcorn and sodas, fiddle with the dials on your radio to ensure you have the optimum viewing experience, and perhaps take a step back into your history and steam up the windows more than a little!

Laughing in Love

New couples may not appreciate this bit of advice, but those who have been each other’s Valentines for more than a few months get it. If you can laugh together, you will stay together forever, so why not laugh in love together with a visit to the Capitol City Comedy Club! Located at 8120 Research Boulevard #100, this spot will have you laughing until your jaws ache and your ribs hurt as you take in the performances of comedians from all over the nation! Featuring local funny men and even funnier women, as well as some of your favorite big-time stars, their open mic nights are always a blast and if the love of your life considers himself a funny guy himself, this is the perfect opportunity to prove it to the world!

A Romance That Lasts With These Activities in Austin

After the final credits roll and the last laugh has been laughed, coming home to your Austin Vacation Rentals Valentine’s abode will help the romance last even longer. Reserve yours today!

There are so many reasons we think that Austin is the best place in the world in which to live, from the weirdly fun people who are neighbors to the shopping opportunities found on every street to winters that rarely drop below cool, even as we move deeper into the season. With temperatures that range from lows in the 40s to highs in the 60s, winter is often considered our reward for surviving the sultry heat of summer! After living here for more than a few minutes, however, our blood has thinned, and on the coldest days we find ourselves seeking out hot winter meals to warm us from the inside out. If you feel the same, this guide to the best spots serving our favorite comfort foods will warm you as well!

Austin Dining at Fixe Southern House, 500 W 5th Street

Nobody knows the way to our hearts better than our Southern grandmas, and although your grandmother may be far away, a visit to Fixe Southern House may have you wanting to take a peek in the kitchen to ensure she is not there. Open for dining in, curbside pickup, and delivery (if you are staying within their delivery area), the comfort foods they serve are authentically delicious! Try their updated version of the classic fried chicken dish, created with buttermilk, kale, green apple, and spicy honey, or nosh your way through the Heritage Pork Chop made with smoked & grilled braised collards, bacon jam, and Fixe barrel-aged old-fashioned sauce and feel the warmth spread from your stomach to your toes!

The Heel of the Boot, 610 N Interstate Highway 35 C

Comfort food has different meanings to different people, and to say that we Americans are the only ones who know how to create it would be both egotistical and wrong. The Heel of the Boot, for example, open for Austin dining in and taking out, features the good old-fashioned classic Italian dishes we have all grown to love, especially during the coldest days of winter! Offering house made meatballs the size of your fist, and pasta topped with a sweetly spicy marinara sauce, every bite brings you back to your youth as you chow down on the classics you have loved your entire life, including sweet cannoli for dessert.

Make It Yourself!

Our Austin Vacation Rentals winter escapes offer fully equipped kitchens that are the heart of the home. Pick up the ingredients needed for your great grandmother’s meatloaf and spend a few hours creating the hot dinners that make winter nights feel like home. Reserve yours today!

As we flip through the calendar pages, it may come as a surprise to realize that after a long and trying year, winter has finally arrived. The cooler days and longer nights offer a cozy punctuation point to our lives, and if you are seeking a winter escape that isn’t too crazy cold, a visit to Austin may be in your future! When you choose Austin Vacation Rentals for your accommodations, this guide to some of our favorite winter adventures will ensure a getaway filled with fun, laughter, and excitement.

Romance and Family Fun With These Winter Activities in Austin

There aren’t a lot of activities that can check off two boxes on your winter activity bucket list, especially the romantic time and family fun time ones, but ice skating happens to be the one activity that can! Grab your partners hand for a romantic whirl around the rink at the Chapparal Ice Center, and when your little ones want to join in, grab their hands and make it a family affair! Offering two locations—one in Northcross Austin (open from 8 AM until 6 PM) and one in Cedar Park that stays open until 10 PM—this winter activity is a favorite for people of all ages!

Hiking Trails That Will Make You Happy

The natural landscape of Austin is a beautiful one and because our winter weather never really gets too cold, you can enjoy the trails and walking paths all year round! Visit the Barton Creek Greenbelt and explore over 13 miles of trails or enjoy a simple walk around Mueller Lake with an expedition to Mueller Lake Park. Whichever hike you try is sure to be the one you will remember for a long time to come and if you happen to take a photo break, your pictures of these Winter activities in Austin will definitely be frame worthy!

The Hunt for Hot Cocoa

Not all adventures have to be grand undertakings, sometimes the simplest moments will be the ones that touch you the most! The hunt for hot cocoa has become serious business in the winter as we all seek the perfect combination of creamy and delicious! We at Austin Vacation Rentals have put a lot of research into the hunt and although it’s nearly impossible to find a bad cup of hot chocolate in our state, one of our favorite cups can be found at Fluff Meringues & More! Located at 48 Burnett Road #450, their incredible Mexican hot chocolate is a work of art, featuring a spiky meringue topper of vanilla and cocoa and a drizzle of ginger-caramel!

Austin Makes Us Happy During All Seasons

We are even happier when you choose us for your winter getaway! Reserve your stay in Austin today for a comfortable, cozy, and stylish winter escape!

Let’s see a show of hands from all who are totally over the year of 2020! For all those who took staying home to a new level—working from home, ordering takeout to eat at home, even ordering their groceries and necessities to be delivered to their home—the past 12 months might have felt like a long nightmare. If staying home is not how you want to spend your New Year’s Eve, especially if you believe the old superstition that whatever you are doing on New Year’s is what you will be doing the entire next year, how does a trip to Austin for your 2021 celebration sound? This guide to a weirdly wonderful New Year’s Eve and a stay in one of our Austin Vacation Rentals sensational sanctuaries will help celebrate the way you have always dreamed!

A Touch of Elegance in the Roosevelt Room, 307 W 5th Avenue

As you sit sipping something from their signature indulgences menu, dressed in your holiday finest, you and your traveling partner may be discussing the differences this New Year’s in Austin celebration is bringing to your lives. The quiet elegance of your surroundings, the sweet simplicity of their charcuterie board, and the refreshing taste of the Poet’s Muse, a delicious beverage that combines Bombay Sapphire gin, Poet’s Cordial, citrus blend, and umami tincture. These elements combine blend together to ensure your 2021 is cultured and divine!

Russian House, 307 East 5th Street

The words that signify the dining scene of 2020 would definitely have to be take-out and delivery, so having the option of dining out while trying something new is a treat you’re sure to appreciate, and Your New Year’s Eve in Austin wouldn’t be as special without a visit to the Russian House. Offering authentic Russian and Ukrainian dishes and vodka drinks that will make the night cheerful, they also have an online store that allows you to order your new favorite Russian treats!

Staying in Is an Option This New Years in Austin

Although you may be thoroughly sick of staying in, it is not the same if the space you are staying in is entirely new to you, like our Austin Vacation Rentals escapes will be! Spend the last night of the old year getting comfortable as the clock ticks down to the promises offered by the new one. Toss together a meal in our fully equipped kitchens, watch the ball drop on state-of-the-art televisions, and greet the new year with a kiss for your sweetest. Reserve your New Year’s nest with Austin Vacation Rentals today!

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