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Dreams do come true when you choose Austin Vacation Rentals for your vacation accommodations, and our Hill Country Dream Ranch and Studio is the perfect example! Offering 6 tranquil bedrooms, 4.5 spa-like baths, and a lifestyle to which you will rapidly become accustomed, we thought we would take a little time today and talk to you about this special home. Take a few minutes to walk through this beautiful sanctuary and lose yourself in the possibilities of this Austin vacation rental!

The Farmhouse Life Is a Charming Life Indeed in This Austin Vacation Rental

The wide veranda, the cheerful yellow siding, and the two columns on either side of the front door will invite you to come on in and explore the comfort and beauty just waiting inside. Follow hardwood floors to rooms that welcome you, including a living area with a soft and sophisticated sectional facing a wall of bookshelves and a charming and whimsical portrait of a happy bovine peeking down at you. The kitchen and dining room are open to the rest of the public spaces, featuring stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and a beautiful breakfast bar that serves as overflow seating when the family gathers for dinner. Double ovens allow for a generous feast to be prepared, and the window over the sink peeks out into the private oasis that will be the hub of much of your entertainment during your stay.

The dining room, located just steps from the kitchen, will be the gathering place for dinners, games, and conversations, and when a little something extra is needed, step out into the four seasons porch where a shuffleboard table waits to be played and a fitness machine can be used to work off some of the extra calories taken in during your fabulous Austin getaway! Another television and a washer and dryer make this a multipurpose space that will definitely be put to use.

The bedrooms are all designed to ensure that each night’s sleep is the best you have ever had, and the star of the en suite bathroom in the master bedroom is a clawfoot tub in which all your troubles will melt away! A secondary kitchen in the guest quarters offers the perfect space for mothers-in-law to call their own, offering a seating area, sleeping area, and private bath. Outdoors, a private paradise offers a swimming pool, lounge chairs for sunning, and multiple seating and dining areas in which guests can enjoy the great outdoors in comfort and style! Surrounded by mature trees, the fire pit surrounded by a wood swing and wicker cushioned chairs is where ghost stories will be told, and the hot tub off the main deck allows for relaxation under the stars. Every inch of space inside and outside of this cheerful country home is designed to ensure that your Texas vacation will be the one that you never want to end.

Come Home to Austin Vacation Rentals

Comfort, style, and luxury are just a few of the qualities of this dream home that will make you wish it were your own. Reserve our Hill Country Dream Ranch and Studio today!

As the skies turn gray and the humidity levels rise during your unforgettable Austin adventures, you may find yourself looking anxiously at heavy clouds and wondering how long it will be before your fun gets washed away. Rainy days are seldom appreciated, especially on vacation, but we at Austin Vacation Rentals have a little secret to share with you: Rainy days can be the best days when you explore this list of activities in Austin we have prepared! Just look at the excess moisture as a gentle nudge by Mother Nature pointing you in a new direction as you stay warm, dry, and entertained with indoor adventures in Austin.

Think Hard and Play Even Harder

If this is a family vacation, trying to find ways to keep the kiddos entertained when cooped up inside can be a scary proposition, but never fear! Thinkery (1830 Simond Avenue) a children’s museum filled with hands on experiences, a pint-sized farmers’ market, and a joy to all little boys and girls of all ages, a Train Town. This sweet museum is destined to be your rainy day savior as your littles happily play, learn, and stay out of mud puddles.

These Activities in Austin Will Make You Wine!

Not all getaways involve children, and if you and your favorite traveling partner are seeking out dry-ish activities of the adult kind, a visit to Wanderlust Wine, 610 N Interstate Highway 35, will definitely make you wine! Offering over 50 wines to taste, coming in from all over the world, sitting, sipping, and celebrating the rain drops that are not falling on your head will be an adventure you won’t soon forget.

Museums and Rain

There is something wonderful about spending a rainy and gloomy day under cover of a house of history, and when the skies open up and you decide you want to learn more about the great state of Texas, the Bullock Texas State History Museum located at 1800 Congress Avenue is the first place you need to go! Offering a comprehensive history of the greatest state on earth (in our humble opinions!), the stories told here will linger with you long after you return to real life. Stay dry and cozy as you explore exhibits about guitars, oil rigs, and learn about our humble beginnings in a story so fascinating, you won’t want your tour to end!

Experience Austin Vacation Rentals

A rainy day is the perfect day to spend more time enjoying the luxury amenities found in our Austin Vacation Rentals welcoming sanctuaries—reserve yours today!

If you have ever driven by a charming little farmhouse offering a wide fenced front porch and exquisite gingerbread details and thought to yourself, “Wow! How I would love to live there!” our Austin Vacation Rentals Hill Country Dream Ranch is the perfect vacation home for you. Offering 5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, and the quiet lifestyle that is a far cry from the hustle, bustle, stress, and tension of your real life, this sweet escape sleeps 14 guests comfortably, so bring along your friends, family, and take a time out from reality! This guide to Hill Country Dream Ranch and all its charms is sure to make it shoot straight to the top of your Austin vacation home bucket list.

Life’s a Dream at This Austin Vacation Home

This farmhouse, painted in a cheerful yellow and white color scheme will make you fall in love at first sight, and when the door swings open to reveal the beauty inside, your initial feelings will grow stronger. Offering a modern space with walls of crisp gray, the vaulted and beamed ceilings will draw your eyes up, but it is the treasures found underneath that will keep you grounded. Truly designed to be a home for everyone who stays here, the kitchen is a large space filled with modern appliances—including a double oven that will make the chef of the day salivate—custom cabinetry topped with granite countertops, and a frosted glass door pantry that will hold all the food staples necessary for feeding a huge group. The dining room is located just outside the cooking space, offering a farm style table placed in front of a large picture window that keeps the room light and bright.

While the living room is a comfortable space, offering a state-of-the-art television, soft gray sectional, a wood burning stove, and a touch of whimsy in the large painting of a cow that hangs on one wall. The laundry room serves multiple purposes as it holds a rowing machine and shuffleboard table in addition to the full-size washer and dryer and large flat screen television. Doing laundry has never been this fun!

Outside, however, is where the real fun begins, offering over two acres of land on which to play. Featuring a barbecue grill, cornhole game, hot tub, private pool, and fire pit, it is the possibility of catching a glimpse of the local wildlife (soft eyed deer with fluffy white tails) that gives an added gloss to your Austin Hill Country sanctuary! The white front porch we spoke of earlier offers places to sit, including a porch swing that could have been the star of your favorite country movie. At night, when the sky turns a velvety black, lit only by the glow of a billion stars, sliding between the silky soft linens that top our oh so comfortable beds will give you the ultimate in luxuries, a full night of uninterrupted sleep! Reserve our Hill Country Dream Ranch today!

As you begin making your plans for 4th of July, you may have just realized that this year offers a bonus long weekend. With everyone’s favorite summer holiday falling on a Sunday, many Americans are getting the following Monday off, and because long weekends often stretch out into vacation weeks, you may be developing itchy feet and a desire to travel somewhere new, so why not point those feet in the direction of Austin, Texas? Offering an all-American getaway with plenty to do, the only way your 4th of July escape to the Southwest can get any better is by choosing Austin Vacation Rentals for your holiday hideaway! This guide to big booms and bigger fun will ensure that your stay with us in the city of weird will give you an adventure you will never forget this 4th of July in Austin!

Time to Start the 4th of July Austin Celebration

The pandemic put a serious damper on celebrations in 2020, so we are all thankful that we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel; not all gatherings are taking place this summer, but the biggest and best is back in play. The Austin Symphony H-E-B July 4th Concert & Fireworks is scheduled to begin at 8:00 PM, and we could not be more excited! This has traditionally been the largest show in town and this year promises to be no different, so be sure to stake your claim on a spot early. Held at Vic Mathias Shores, the best spots to view the display are from the auditorium or any of three bridges in the area, including South First Street Bridge, Congress Bridge, or Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge. This display of colorful fireworks is mirrored in the waters of Lady Bird Lake below, so be sure to find a spot that allows you to watch it both ways! Want to enjoy a traditional all-American picnic while waiting for the free fireworks show to begin? Stop by Lucy’s Fried Chicken on the way to the event and pick up some of the best fried chicken you have ever tasted for the show! This fireworks show is a popular one, so you will want to bring a blanket to sit on (no room for chairs) and fried chicken somehow tastes better when enjoyed on a picnic blanket!

Memories Made Here

After you have licked the last of the fried chicken off your fingertips and the final glittering sparks have burned out, there is no need to feel sad as you head “home” to the luxury and comforts found in our Austin Vacation Rentals holiday hideaways. Reserve yours today!

The joys of vacationing in or near Austin are increased exponentially when you choose our Dripping Springs Quit n’ Time Ranch to complete the picture of the perfect Texas getaway! Offering 6 bedrooms, 4 baths, and able to sleep up to 26 guests, this spacious ranch can be used as a destination wedding spot, a family reunion, or just a peaceful place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life with your favorite traveling partners. If you aren’t convinced that this Austin vacation rental is perfect for you yet, this guide to Quit n’ Time will give you the gentle nudge you need!

Like a Warm Embrace

As you walk through the oversized wood and glass doors that welcome all guests, warmth and comfort will envelope you like a warm embrace. Find your way to the kitchen that is open to the living and dining spaces and offers high-end appliances, cheerful white cabinets, and a center butcher block topped island that is the focal point of the room. Here is where you have the choice of creating meals for the family or simply whipping up blenders filled with frosty margaritas, perfect for cooling your insides on a sultry summer day! The dining room, located just steps away, is where games can be played or virtual meetings can be held; this multipurpose space could truly be considered the heart of the home!

In the living room, a state-of-the-art television holds center stage, surrounded by plush sectional sofas, so comfortable guests often find themselves napping on lazy afternoons, but this isn’t the only place you will find yourself sleeping peacefully during your stay. Each of the 6 bedrooms are decorated in coolly neutral color schemes, allowing your focus to remain on the ultimate luxury, sleeping through the night! A bunk room, filled with two triple bunks is where cousins and siblings and new best friends can stay up late into the night, whispering, giggling, and telling secrets!

Entertainment Options Abound in This Austin Vacation Rental

Our Quit n’ Time Ranch offers more than comfortable places to sleep, and as you explore the theater room filled with leather recliners and a super-sized movie screen, you won’t be faulted for patting yourself on the back for making this choice. A game room offering gaming consoles, a pool table and a shuffleboard game will give the kids a place to let off steam, and a private pool and hot tub in the backyard completes the picture of perfection!

Choose Austin Vacation Rentals

You’ve worked hard for this vacation, and you deserve the best! Reserve Quit n’ Time Ranch today!

When it is time to start planning for your Austin vacation, you may not have a completely clear picture of all there is to do while you are there. You have heard that it has a terrific night life, so you know you are interested in that, the food is rumored to be incredible, so you definitely want to try that, and word on the street is that Austin Vacation Rentals has the most comfortable beds in town, so you have already signed up to stay with us! But beyond that, you are unsure, and that’s perfectly alright, as we have put together this guide of the top Austin tours to experience during your stay in Austin, ensuring that every minute is filled with fun and fascination.

Barton Springs Bike Rental Tours

One of the best ways to get to know a city is to get out on its streets and explore, and the bike tours offered by Barton Springs Bike Rental Tours are the perfect way to do so! Providing all the safety equipment you need for an unforgettable Austin tour, plus baskets and bottled water, and lasting anywhere from an hour to three hours, guests will receive an up close and personal tour of the town Texas loves most. For those who aren’t sure their legs can handle all the pedaling, they also offer an electric bike tour, taking away some of the pressure of a long bike ride.

Austin Brewery Tours

Drinking beer and having a great time are just two of our favorite activities, and you can combine them both when you sign up for an Austin Brewery Tour! Visit three breweries in one day without having to worry about driving from place to place and learn a little about the art of brewing the perfect beer when you attend the behind-the-scenes tour that is included in your initial fee! The guides are fun, friendly, and can help beer novices find the one brew they will fall in love with!

Capital Cruises Bat Watching Sunset Tours

Bat watching? Are we crazy? Well, Austin is known as the city of weird, but the bat watching tours are a legitimately fascinating part of town and when you add in the glorious colors of a Texas sunset, well, the night turns out to be crazy good! Lasting approximately an hour and 45 minutes, nearly every night at sunset the bats from one of the largest urban bat colonies in the world leave their home under the Congress Street bridge, flying out to do whatever bats do at night, and you and your family can be there to see the show!

After a Day of Tours, Come Home to Our Vacation Rentals

When you are through with your tours, coming home to the comforts of our Austin Vacation Rentals sanctuaries promises to be the best part of your day. Reserve your stay today!

Simply charming. There is no other way to describe this particular 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom Travis Heights home. As we give you a closer peek at the wonders that lie inside, we have a feeling that from start to finish, charming will be the key word! This guide to SOCO Southwest, one of our popular Austin vacation escapes, may be all you need to solve your Texas accommodations issue.

Texas Accommodations Renovated for Your Comfort

Don’t you just love that new house smell? Even though this sweet property is not new, the renovations will make it feel as if everything was designed just for you! From the moment you walk in and drop your suitcases on one of the super comfortable beds until you reluctantly walk away at the end of your stay pulling that suitcase behind you, you will feel comfortable, pampered, and relaxed. The kitchen, the heart of the home, is open to the rest of the public spaces and contains high-end stainless steel appliances, white tile backsplash in a unique design, and open shelving that keeps the cozy space feeling spacious and bright. Located just two steps away from the dining room, where the focus is the Scandinavian dining table and leather topped chairs, this space is where games will be played, meals will be devoured, and conversations will be shared.

The open floor plan leads you into the living area where comfortable furnishings and a state-of-the-art television that makes you feel at home; no need to worry about missing your favorite shows while staying in our SOCO Southwest home! Even the bedrooms have their own smart TVs, allowing occupants to shut the door to the world and drift off to dreamland in much the same way they would at home. The large master bath offers an incredible soaking tub, dual vanities, and a stackable washer and dryer that means you won’t have to pack a lot of clothes for your visit, and you will be able to save space for all the souvenirs you can’t live without. A large yard finishes your tour of this modern getaway and all that’s left is to unpack and explore the historic Travis Heights neighborhood in which this sweet property is located!

What Are You Waiting For?

Our Austin Vacation Rentals SOCO Southwest bungalow is waiting to become a home, and all it needs is your family to make it so. Reserve it today!

Spring has sprung. Oh, yeah! Now it’s early summer in Austin, and you’re looking for something to do. Summer is a time for family vacations, outdoor activities, and much-needed downtime. If you’re looking to visit Austin soon, here are some of the best things to do during early Austin summer!

Go Dancing This Austin Summer

There are two favorites in Austin that you shouldn’t miss: The Broken Spoke and White Horse. The White Horse is part of the east side music explosion and features some of the best country bands out there today. They also have dance lessons for newbies. If you’re a little further south, go to The Broken Spoke, which had a book written about it by Donna Marie Miller and, like the White Horse, is a favorite of Austin locals.

Miniature Golf

For those who think miniature golf is just “so 80s,” we have a surprise for you! Peter Pan Min-Golf has a BYOB policy but is still fun for the whole family. There are two 18-hole courses with lots of fun characters and hilarious obstacles.

Rooftop Bars and Restaurants

Austin has become known as a foodie destination for a reason–all the high-quality eateries and bars. See the city at night from one of the rooftop venues while you eat and drink the best Austin has to offer. The views are excellent at the P6, the 77 Degree Rooftop Bar, the Hotel Van Zandt rooftop, and Terrace 59.

The Thinkery

If you need something to do indoors with the kids, try the Thinkery. With hands-on STEAM exhibits, arts, crafts, and a performance stage, even the adults will want to get involved.

Nature Tours

Get out of the city for a tour of nature! From caverns to kayaking, you can tour land and water for some great family activities. And don’t miss Bats & Segways, where you will get training on a Segway scooter, then traverse the area with a final stop the view the sunset flight of Mexican free-tail bats.

While you’re checking out nature, make sure you get to the Texas Hill Country. This beautiful land will make you want to come back for more with miles and miles to explore. Investigate on your own or take a tour. If you want a tasting tour, try Texas Tipsy Tours, one of the local favorites.

If you still need more to do this Austin summer, just turn around and point your finger. You’ll find something that looks like you need to yell, “Let’s go there!”

Modern and sleek, yet somehow maintaining a rustic charm, our Austin Riverfront property offers that something extra guests have come to expect from an Austin Vacation Rentals Austin rental property! Featuring 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, this stunner may be just the one you need to make your vacation dreams come true. Whether you choose to walk to shops, restaurants, and the hottest nightspots in the west or simply stare out your windows at the Colorado River, every moment of your stay with us promises to be ones filled with the makings of the happiest memories!

Rare Beauty in Our Austin Rental Property

Hardwood floors aren’t often used anymore as the convenience and style of engineered woods takes precedence, but our Austin Riverfront home is the exception. Offering dark stained floors polished to a warm glow, they lead the way to spaces filled with warmth and welcoming: a sleek kitchen with updated appliances in stainless steel, a dining room with a large table where guests will eat, talk, and gather together to play games, and a living area offering a soft sofa and cozy chairs in front of floor to ceiling windows that let in the light but make your privacy a priority with blinds that rise from the floor up. These spaces are wonderful on their own merits, but the vintage brick walls and open rafters kick up the charm more than a notch.

Modern meets old with wood shelves housing a state-of-the-art television and stacks of books that invite guests to turn off the television and lose themselves in the fictional worlds that lie within their pages. A hall with rustic unfinished barn wood planks leads the way to the two thoroughly modern and restful bedrooms. Both are light, bright, and feature spaces dominated by plush beds; the brick walls are just an accent in the first bedroom, and the attached bath and the 65-inch television allows guests the opportunity to surf channels before drifting off into a deep and luxurious sleep. The second room offers painted walls, another state-of-the-art television, and subway tiles in its attached bathroom; the farmhouse style sink hanging from the wall in this space is practical and decorative.

You’ve Waited Long Enough

Views of Austin and the river that runs through it can be found in all rooms, and if you feel the need to get out and explore, this sweet space is located close to all that makes Austin one of our favorite places in the world! It’s time to step out of your dreams and into the beautiful reality of this Austin Riverfront home; reserve it today!

As we dive into 2021 with high hopes and open arms, it can be surprising at how quickly the hours, days, weeks, and months fly by. Wasn’t it only yesterday we were greeting the new year from the comfort of our couch? It may seem that way, but we are reaching the end of the first quarter and now is the time to start making your Memorial Day plans. If your journey is turning you in the direction of a Memorial Day in Austin, it’s also time to book one of our Austin Vacation Rentals holiday hideaway. The luxury, comfort, and style is guaranteed to make this escape one you never want to end.

Something for Everyone this Memorial Day in Austin

From your first steps inside to the final lingering glance you give as you walk away with your suitcase rolling behind you, it will be quite obvious that these spaces are designed to impress. Follow the path of wood, carpet, or tile towards the kitchen, the heart of the home, and as you begin opening cabinet doors or peeking into the refrigerators, possibilities for meals that can be created here will start swimming through your mind. The large table that dominates the dining room is where meals will be devoured, stories will be told, and jokes will be shared, sending laughter through the property. Living rooms with comfy couches and large screen smart TVs allow guests to feel at home for the duration of their stay; take a nap, read a book, or watch the big game in these rooms. Outside you may find barbecue grills and picnic tables in some of our properties, private pools and hot tubs in others, and in every property, a sense of warmth and welcoming that makes each guest feel pampered and spoiled. At night, the bedrooms are tranquil spaces to which you can retreat, offering some of the best night’s sleep you have ever enjoyed, ensuring that you will wake up each morning feeling rested, relaxed, and ready to face another day of Austin adventures!

Picnics, Hiking Trails, and Other Fun Austin Activities

Although your Austin Vacation Rentals holiday hideaway is where your happiest memories will be made, there are other adventures you can have during your stay in our favorite town! Enjoy a picnic at the Mansfield Dam Park, take a hike along the Barton Creek Greenbelt Trail, or enjoy some good old fashioned Texas barbecue at Cooper’s Old Time Pit Barbecue, located at 217 Congress Avenue. However you choose to spend your days, spending your nights with us promises to make your Memorial Day in Austin 2021 one you will never forget. Reserve yours today!

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