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As you start planning your fun-filled getaway to the city of weird, Austin, chances are you will want to spend lots of time outside, enjoying the natural beauty of our Texas home. 2020 has been a time of uncertainty and restrictions, so getting out of our homes and under the blue skies will more than likely be at the top of your vacation itinerary, and because we want guests to enjoy every minute of their Texas escape, we’ve created this guide to natural Austin attractions. Beautiful, scenic, and impressive, these attractions are a joy to behold!

Barton Springs Pool

For most of our guests, when they think about a pool, they imagine a highly chlorinated, concrete-clad pool of sparkling blue waters, but when you visit Austin, Barton Springs Pool will immediately dispel that image! Created from crystal-clear spring waters that feed into the limestone base, this popular swimming hole is unlike any you have ever seen before. Surrounded by grass and trees, there’s no chlorine sting when you dive under the waters, and the tiny fish you see swimming by keep it exceptionally clean. Located at 2131 William Barton Drive, the springs get too chilly to swim in during parts of the year but are still worth a visit to explore their unusual beauty.

McKinney Falls State Park

Tucked away between Onion and Williamson Creeks, McKinney Falls State Park is a natural attraction you will never want to leave. Offering trails that lead alongside bodies of water and through wooded areas, it can stay cool in the sweltering months of summer as the trees provide shade, and preservation efforts make it a safe refuge for wildlife. Hikers often come across a variety of bird species doing their walks, and during the spring you may even spot a shy doe and her sweet fawn. Fishing is a popular activity in the park and reflecting pools offer photo opportunities, but it’s the falls that will take your breath away and use up most of your camera battery. Offering an upper and lower fall area, the turquoise waters falling over the stones are a serene and tranquil sight to behold. Swimming is allowed when the weather is warm enough.

Enchanted Rock

Sometimes the history surrounding a natural attraction can be even more fascinating than the attraction itself, but with Enchanted Rock, the history and the beauty of the site are equally magnetic! It’s a bit of a drive from Austin to Fredericksburg where Enchanted Rock is located, but the pink granite hilly outcroppings that make up the attraction make it worth the trek. Offering incredible views of the Texas Hill Country and the perfect spots for watching the sun set over the valley, early Native Americans have spun quite a few tales about the noises that emit from the Enchanted Rock and the flashes of light often spotted at the summit.

Reserve Your Austin Vacation Rentals Hideaway Today

Offering natural beauty and comfort and style that embraces all guests, your stay in Texas will be one you will never want to end. Call us today to book one of our vacation rentals!

As the long and hot summer season draws to a close, this year, more than any before, we are excited to see what fall brings—especially the drop in temperatures that accompany the season! Texas in the fall is a beautiful place, filled with love, laughter, and all the pumpkin spice you dream about, and if your fall journey has your feet turned in the direction of our favorite place on earth, this guide to all the fun you can have will ensure this vacation will be one you never want to end.

Get Outside

We’re still trying to social distance, and the easiest way to do so is to get outside and play, something that is even more fun to do as the temperatures drop and the rainy season ends. We pride ourselves as a city that encourages art, and the Art is Everywhere driving tour allows visitors to explore the work of the extremely talented artists who make Austin their home. The interactive map can be found here and will take you through a treasure trove of talent!

Throw a Family Halloween Party

You already have the masks, so why not pick up the ingredients to your favorite fall foods and desserts and throw a bash for your party of however many? Chili is an easy dish to create in the fully equipped kitchen of your Austin Vacation Rentals holiday hideaway, and if you don’t feel like baking a dessert, you can pick up candy or ready baked goods at the local Safeway! Make use of your satellite radio subscription and choose their Halloween playlists or use the state-of-the-art televisions in the living room to watch spooky movies the entire evening. For those with kids, “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” is always airing at some point during the Halloween season!

Bringing It Home to Austin Vacation Rentals

Whether you are hiking Turkey Creek Trail, paddling on Lake Travis in a rented kayak, or simply telling ghost stories in front of a roaring fire on Halloween, your fall fun will be that much more special when you choose Austin Vacation Rentals for your vacation escape. During these uncertain times, spending time with the ones you love most is what’s important, and if you happen to be doing so in the comfort of one of our vacation properties, all the better! Contact us to learn more about our homes and reserve yours today!

The world changed overnight with the arrival of COVID-19, but even though we never know from minute to minute what’s going to happen next, there are some good things that have happened, even though we may not have realized it at the time! We have been able to spend more time with our families, learned some new recipes and practiced our organizational skills at home, and discovered that the commute from the bedroom to the kitchen table is not taxing at all! And just because you’re working from home, it doesn’t mean you have to work from YOUR home! Working remotely won’t seem like working at all when you’re ensconced in the luxury of one of our happy hideaways.

Designed to Spoil

Your family may be exploring our town that’s proud of its weirdness as you take virtual meetings in between doing paperwork and phone calls, but you can still enjoy the working hours! Do your monthly reports by the pool, spending your “breaks” in the crystal-clear waters and working on your tan. Order lunch from one of the many restaurants that deliver to the area; Cypress Grill is one of our favorites, offering Cajun classics that will dance on your taste buds beautifully. They deliver, but if you’re out of delivery range, it would be worth the drive to 4404 W. William Cannon Drive for curbside pickup! Once you’re back from lunch, turn up the sound system and rock the rest of the day away as you deal with emails and reports and all the paperwork that comes with a workday.

Weekends and Evenings

Punching out at the end of a day is a joy appreciated even more during your Austin adventures, allowing you to get in the car and drive to Lady Bird Lake for some watery recreation! Swimming, boating, and fishing are popular activities at this body of water named after our former first lady, Lady Bird Johnson. If you’re visiting in the evening, a walk along the concrete paths that surround the lake will give you a view of the city and the sunsets that are our pride and joy!

Choose Austin Vacation Rentals for Your Vacation While Working Remote

With laptops and the internet, you can work from anywhere in the world, so why not make your temporary home office with us in one of our luxurious and comfortable Austin Vacation Rentals homes?. Reserve yours today!

By the time you are reading this, summer will have reared its ugly head, offering days filled with heat, humidity, and unrelenting sunshine, which at the beginning of the season, we all love. By the end of summer, however, we are definitely ready for the cooler temps and the final holiday of the season. The good news is that Labor Day Weekend is just around the corner. The promise of lower temperatures is just a little further down the road, and now is the perfect time to start planning your Labor Day escape to our beautiful and wonderfully hometown. This guide to the fun you can have in Austin and your stay in one of our holiday hideaways will make the summer heat a lot more bearable.

Picnic in the Park This Austin Labor Day

After the last few months, we’re all still practicing social distancing, but that doesn’t mean you can never leave your vacation home away from home! The natural landscape of Austin provides many secluded spots where you can sneak away to enjoy a lovely picnic under the trees. Zilker Park, named Austin’s most-loved park, offers over 350 acres of near pristine wilderness in which you can play. Home to Lady Bird Lake, Barton Springs Pool, and Zilker Botanical Gardens as well as a variety of paths and trails, once you step inside the borders of the park, you’ll soon understand why this spot is so special, and your Labor Day picnic will be a highlight of your Texas getaway!

A Bird’s Eye View

The best views are generally the ones from above and if you really want to appreciate the luxuriant beauty of Austin, a hike to the summit of Mt. Bonnell is the perfect way to do so. Located in Covert Park, there are 102 steps that will take you to the top, making it a slightly daunting experience, but you have a few weeks still, so if you start practicing now it shouldn’t be a problem! Once you reach the top, you’ll find yourself at the highest spot in town, staring at views that will take your breath away. Bring your camera and snap away—the pictures you take here during the Austin Labor Day weekend are guaranteed to be worthy of framing!

Staying Inside Can Be a Treat

Our properties offer a luxury you don’t often find in today’s vacation rental world. Featuring expansive kitchens with updated appliances, living areas with plush furnishings and state of the art televisions, and bedrooms that are a haven of serenity and peace, luxurious surprises lie around every corner! Choose a home with a private pool and hot tub and spend your Labor Day relaxing, recharging, and reveling in the joys of this last holiday of summer. Reserve your stay today and fall in love with the wonders of our Austin Vacation Rentals holiday hideaways!

As restrictions begin to lift and we find ourselves able to do more and go places, surprisingly we find ourselves looking back on the days at home with warmth and soft regret! We may have worried about having enough toilet paper to make it through the pandemic, but the timeout we all endured allowed us to spend more time with the ones that really mattered. We learned new math from the children we were supposed to be teaching, we had the time to read bedtime stories every night, and for those of us with infants, we didn’t miss out on any of the first milestones! If your travels have you heading in the direction of Austin, Texas and a stay in one of our soothing retreats, this guide to isolated Austin activities you can participate in will allow you the opportunity to experience those wonderful family moments all over again!

Take a Hike on the Butler Hike & Bike Trail

While you won’t exactly have this colorful trail that follows along the banks of Lady Bird Lake all to yourself, it will still feel as if the lake and trail only belongs to you and your family! Just be sure to follow the arrows; this trail is one way now! If it’s still a little too crowded out there for your tastes, you can rent a kayak, paddleboard, or canoe at any of the little “beach” shops along the way. The Austin Paddle Shack, Epic SUP, and Texas Rowing Center are a few examples!

Sunset on Mt. Bonnell

There’s no bad place from which to view a stunning Austin sunset, but if you want to get away from the crowds while you enjoy unobstructed views, a picnic atop Mt. Bonnell may be your best bet! Offering the best seats in the house, your simple feast will be enhanced by the sights and sounds that accompany an ordinary Tuesday evening in Austin.

Visit the Blanton Museum of Art

How can a visit to a museum be an isolated activity, you ask? Simple! This visit is a virtual one that can be experienced without ever having to put on pants, and it won’t cost you a penny. Pour a glass of wine, get comfy, and prepare to explore the beauty of art from all over the world at Blanton Museum of Art; our properties come with free Wi-Fi, so you won’t have to use up precious data!

Explore the Beauty of Austin Vacation Rentals

Not every day has to be spent on the go during your Austin getaway. Reserve your luxurious escape today and take some time to enjoy the space!

As we make our way through these troubled times, we have learned to appreciate the little things in life more. We hunker down at home, only going out for essential items, and we’ve learned to live without our favorite restaurants and Friday night movie nights at the theater. Business owners learned once again how important their employees are as they soldiered on with skeleton crews or had to close their doors altogether, if only on a temporary basis. And now, as life creeps back to normal, those same employees are working their hardest to keep your company the success it has always been, and you’ve been thinking of ways to show your gratitude. Perhaps you can reward them with a corporate retreat to Austin and a stay in one of our sparkling clean and oh so comfortable Austin corporate rentals?

Austin Corporate Rentals Designed to Spoil

The homes we offer come in all shapes and sizes, so finding the one that fits your needs will be easy. The final decision may be hard, though; they are all so beautiful, you may want to stay in them all! Larger homes offer a host of surprises, including bunk rooms with super comfy beds to help your employees to share a space and continue the camaraderie they have been enjoying during this luxurious escape. Gourmet kitchens that are bright and spacious have enough space for multiple chefs to work together in harmony. Dining areas can double as workspaces, puzzle building spots, and of course, a place they can all gather round for the communal meal! In the living areas state of the art televisions ensure no one misses the big game, while game rooms and theater rooms ensure the fun can continue all hours of the day and night. Outside, private pools, hot tubs, fire pits, and barbecue grills give your employees more reasons to never want to leave. Our corporate rentals truly are designed to spoil!

Team Building Games Can Be Such a Bore

Yeah, you’ve read all the handbooks, but your employees deserve more than a run of the mill team building game! Introduce them to the joys of escape rooms with a visit to Project Panic Escape Room at 4403 Guadalupe Street or relive the simple pleasures of childhood with a visit to the Austin Zoo at 10808 Rawhide Trail. However you and your team spend your time in Austin, this trip is guaranteed to be the best way to build successful working bonds!

Memories That Will Last a Lifetime

Employees may come and go, but the memories created during your stay with us will last a lifetime! Reserve your stay with us today.

There’s a special day taking place in just a couple of weeks, and we would like to be the first to wish all the dads, fathers, and papas out there a very happy Father’s Day! Our dads do so much for us every day and never expect anything in return except for a cold beer on a hot Saturday or being left to watch the big game in peace. But wouldn’t it be nice if this year we really celebrated the men we love so much with something extra special? A journey to Austin and as stay in one of our Austin Vacation Rentals luxury escapes is what first comes to our minds, and if you are a like-minded individual, this guide to the fun Austin activities that can be had will help your dad have a day he will never forget!

Donuts for Breakfast

Dad can be healthy every other day of the year because a Father’s Day in Austin demands to be started with a special treat from Voodoo Doughnut, located at 212 E 6th Street. Practically world famous, their donuts never fail to excite taste buds that have been bored to tears by the those “other” donut places, and their eclectic décor makes it a favorite of everyone who stops in!

Walk Off the Donuts With These Austin Activities

Although a hike is always fun, we’re not trying to make you do something extra healthy on your special day; the walk we are talking about involves clubs, a cart, and a tiny dimpled white ball! Although it can get a little humid in the Austin area in the summer, June is a good time to hit the course, and the options are plentiful! From the Jimmy Clay Golf Course to the Barton Creek Fazio Canyons Golf Course, dad’s 18 holes of fun in the sun promises to be the highlight of this Father’s Day getaway!

For the Coolest of Dads

Now, not all dads sip their beers at cocktail hour; the coolest of dads appreciate the value of a day spent sipping suds! Day drinking is even more fun when you don’t have to worry about going to work the next day, so plan on spending at least the next two days in Texas, if not the entire week! The Moontower Saloon, Nickel City, and our personal favorite, HandleBar are just a few of the local watering holes guaranteed to serve your drinks fast!

Come Home to Austin Vacation Rentals

As the sun sets on another perfect day in Texas, coming home each night of your getaway to the comforts offered by Austin Vacation Rentals will be the best part of every day. Reserve your stay today!

After weeks of being trapped inside our homes, the restrictions are being lifted, borders are opening, and we are once again free to move about the nation! If you spent your downtime planning a vacation getaway to Austin, Texas, we’re sure you’ve already discovered that the only place to stay is in one of our Austin Vacation Rentals comfortable escapes! Offering quiet luxury and tranquil comfort, our properties are designed to make you forget all about the troubles and stresses you’ve just suffered through. And because the last thing you want at this stage in your life is to be trapped indoors, we’ve compiled this guide to many of the outdoor activities you can enjoy during your stay!

Stop and Smell the Roses With These Austin Activities

The screensavers on our laptops and PCs often scroll through a beautiful collection of flower photos, but there’s nothing quite as beautiful as the real thing! Zilker Botanical Garden, found at 2220 Barton Springs Road, is one of our favorite places to visit on a sunny day; it offers a collection of various gardens to enjoy. From the Green Garden Cactus to the Taniguchi Oriental Garden, the blooms are always cheerful, and the ambience is always peaceful. Those traveling with children will especially appreciate the charms of the Doug Blachly Butterfly Trail and Garden!

Talk to the Animals

The Austin Zoo has been a family favorite activity since opening day all the way back in 1990. Feeding the petting zoo animals with feed purchased in the gift shops, hanging outside the lion’s habitat hoping for a spine tingling roar, and enjoying snacks and beverages as we walk along the crushed gravel paths on a beautiful summer’s day are just some examples of what makes our zoo special! Tickets are quite affordable, and you can even enjoy a private tour for an additional fee.

A Walk in the Park

McKinney Falls State Park is one of the more beautiful areas in Austin, and the falls for which it is named offer the perfect spot to take your annual family photo. Popular for geocaching, hiking, and biking, you can also pack a picnic, but remember that food, coolers, alcohol, music, and frisbees are not allowed around the falls!

Fun in Austin Both Outside and In

While your outdoor adventures in Texas are sure to be fun, spending your inside time in one of our properties will be equally as enjoyable as these Austin activities! Contact us to reserve your Austin getaway today.

In many areas of the world, summer may seem as if it is a thousand years away, especially as we all sit in our homes waiting for quarantines to lift and life to get back to normal. The calendar, however, tells a different story. April is over, May is in progress, and Memorial Day Weekend is just around the corner, making it the perfect time to start planning your unforgettable visit with plenty of Austin activities to enjoy! And as many future Texas visitors have spent their time doing virtual tours of potential vacation properties, it shouldn’t be of any surprise to you that our Austin Vacation Rentals summer escapes will add an extra touch of perfect to your Texas-sized adventure!

Learn a Little Something About Our Great State

Museums can be boring, but not in Texas, as the Bullock Texas State History Museum easily proves! Located at 1800 Congress Avenue, the exhibits, exhibitions, and artifacts found here offer a beautiful picture of our fair state over the centuries and its air conditioned halls can be quite welcoming during the sultry days of summer!

Explore the Beauty of Nature With These Austin Activities

The stunning landscape of Austin is even more breathtaking when viewed from a kayak on the Lady Bird Lake. This body of water is actually a man made reservoir once designed to be used as a cooling pond for the local power plant but is today used as a recreational spot to be enjoyed by water babies from all walks of nature! The view of the Austin skyline is absolutely stunning from the vantage point of the reservoir; boat rentals are available on the banks of this beautiful body of water.

Discover Where the Legend Had Her Start

There’s only one Janis Joplin, and Austin is her old stomping grounds. Threadgill’s at 6416 N Lamar Boulevard is the spot she developed the style she would be known for in her short time on earth. Offering delicious comfort food and an eclectic musical style since the 60s, visitors can’t help but feel they are a part of history from the first moments they step inside!

Keeping Austin Weird

We are a weird little town and we definitely won’t be offended if you point it out. As a matter of fact, we are proud of our weirdness, and travelers who enjoy stopping at roadside attractions such as the biggest ball of twine or largest frying pan are going to get a real treat out of this next adventure! The Cathedral of Junk, located at 4422-4424 Lareina Drive, is one of our favorite novelties, being a structure created from junk the builder has collected over the years. Construction started in 1988 and continues today, and includes a Zen garden of televisions, a throne room, and a variety of rooms, stairwells, and an observation platform. Seeing the inside can be done by appointment only (call 512-299-7413) but there’s nothing that stops you from driving by to take a peek from the outside if no appointments are available!

Austin Vacation Rentals for the Win

At the end of every day of Austin activities during your Austin stay, coming home to the comfort and style of our summer escapes will be a treat of which you will never tire. Reserve yours today!

Austin, Texas has a way with fun, exploration, and entertainment that brings visitors flocking to the city in impressive numbers year after year. In 2020, it’s no secret that things look a bit different. With the COVID-19 lockdown firmly in place, residents and visitors alike are working hard to maintain social distancing standards and adhere to restrictions in the name of health. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that the city is off-limits to virtual tourists. There are a wide variety of online resources that have been designed to keep people close to the city’s many landmarks while also providing some much-needed entertainment. Here are a few to explore!

Live Curator Chats and Yoga

A trip to the Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum is often a highlight of a journey to Austin. As of March 13, 2020, the doors have been shut to the public in the name of safety; however, the museum has worked hard to create an online presence that keeps everyone connected. Live curator chats are regularly being held on the museum’s Facebook page while live yoga in the garden videos are keeping fans of the museum connected through health and wellness online. Virtual tours of the museum and garden area also available through this site.

Tour the South Austin Popular Culture Center

For those that are craving a dose of artistic inspiration that they would normally find at the South Austin Popular Culture Center, Google Arts and Culture has you covered. Log onto this creative-based site to take a virtual tour of those works of cultural inspiration and art that are bound to keep you motivated to look forward to brighter days. Additionally, current restrictions on outdoor activity can be particularly tricky for those who are naturally inclined to spend time getting out and getting into nature. Those same individuals who make their way to Austin, Texas are likely to be drawn to the beauty and open appeal of Lyndon B. Johnson State Park. Enjoy the history, beauty, and intrigue of this state park using the same Google Arts and Culture access portal that lets you tour so many other city-specific cultural hot spots from the comfort of your own home!

Movies for All

While Amazon Prime and Netflix are in the business these days of streaming new releases early, those interested in streaming Austin-specific films will want to check out the Alamo at Home service currently being utilized by Alamo Drafthouse. This portal provides the public access to indie films while they’re safely cozied up indoors.

Austin Awaits

At Austin Vacation Rentals, we’re committed to staying safe and make the safety of our clients a top priority. While now isn’t the time to travel, we’re positive that the future holds plenty of options for making your way to Austin and enjoying an unforgettable stay. In the meantime, feel free to reach out with questions concerning specific properties or future travel plans. We can’t wait to welcome you back to Texas soon!

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