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Are you thinking of going on vacation but unsure where to go? We recommend heading to Austin, TX! This vibrant and exciting town is known for being artistic, energetic, and diverse, making it one of the fastest-growing cities in the entire country. It is no wonder so many tourists head here year in and year out to see all this eclectic town has to offer!

If this sounds like something up your alley, we recommend booking the Austin Farm House. This 2-bedroom and 2-bathroom Austin rental home is a spacious property that can comfortably fit up to 4 guests. Featuring over 1,370 square footage of open space, this house is a modern property with easy access to all that Austin has to offer.

Interior Space

As soon as you step foot in this home, you will notice the unique decor and cool interior design touches. There are paintings on the wall depicting the natural landscape, patterned furniture, and unique color schemes that make up the entire property. Instead of feeling like you are in a stale and boring hotel room, this property brings some vibrant feel and life to the home!

The living room contains ample seating areas for all of your guests, offering a plush leather couch and two leather chairs that are perfect for reading a book, watching TV, or talking with your friend after a long day of exploring.

If you would rather make some food and sit in the kitchen for a relaxed happy hour or chilled-out lunch, there are three high bar stools on the granite countertop that are perfect for sitting and talking about your day. We love this open space that is ideal for everyone hanging out together, serving food, and playing board games or watching TV.

Outdoor Space

After having a meal or hanging out inside, the outdoor covered patio has wicker furniture and cozy chairs that are perfect for reading a book or watching the sunrise or sunset. This relaxed outdoor area is covered and has a ceiling fan, making it the perfect hang-out spot for those hot summer days in Texas.

Doesn’t this property sound like the perfect place to spend a relaxing vacation? We think so too! The Austin Farm House is a modern, spacious, and cozy home that is perfect for 4 people to relax and explore the nearby city. Use Austin Vacation Rentals to book this property today!

If you are heading to Austin during the upcoming end of summer/fall season, there are a few key events that you MUST check out so you can really get a feel for what the culture is like here. Austin has a lot to offer — this eccentric, quirky, and fun town is great for those who want to explore this outdoor-centric town, listen to some live music, visit some art galleries, and talk to locals about what life is really like in this town.

So, what are some “must-do” things that you should purchase tickets for in advance? Check out the best events in Austin during your upcoming holiday.

Texas Hemp Harvest Festival

This eccentric and unique festival in October 2022, is a cool event to attend for those who want to listen to some live music, try some local cuisine from the food trucks, play games with their kids, and enjoy the sunny weather. Held on October 23rd from 10 am to 11 pm, this one-day event in Austin, Texas, is a fun way for families to get outside and enjoy the Texas culture.

Events in Austin at the Fall Harvest Vendor Market

The vendor market is on the same day in Barton Creek Square Mall in Austin, Texas! You can head here right after you leave the Harvest Festival to check out some local food and unique fall items that you can’t find at other times of the year. Plus, this Halloween and Fall-themed event is great for young kids who want to dress up and show off their unique costumes.

Community Pumpkin Carving

Last but not least, we also have the community pumpkin carving competition. This artistic and fun-filled event is great for young adults, teens, and children who want to show off their creativity. This is easily one of the set fall activities in Austin, featuring pumpkin carving, s’more roasting, tasty food, and great music. Head here on the evening of October 24th to rest your luck at carving and check out the artistic abilities of everyone else in your local community!

Accommodation in Austin, TX

Doesn’t Austin sound like a fun fall location to visit during the cooler and breezier Autumn nights? We think so too! Not only can you enjoy walking around the local cultural attractions, enjoying the outdoor activities, and seeing the tourist sights, but you can attend these annual events that will make your vacation unforgettable. Use Austin Vacation Rentals to find a luxurious and spacious condominium, apartment, or home for your unique needs!

Instead of heading to the ever-crowded Dallas and Houston, why not try somewhere a little more low-key? Austin is the perfect city known for its eccentricity, artistic people, liberal attitudes, and incredible nature. Forget being squished into a tiny hotel room with your friends – -although this could be fun in theory, wouldn’t a 7-bedroom, 5-bathroom, and 5,000+ square foot Austin house rental be more relaxing for your upcoming holiday?

We thought so! Check out Austin Roadrunner Retreat, a house that is a sprawling and spacious accommodation option that is stable for you and 17 of your closest friends! Whether you want to head here for a family reunion, friend get-together, or couples retreat, this modern home is perfect for exploring the local Texas area.

Exterior Amenities

We love the outside of this house. Although it is understated, the relaxed nature and cool stone brick on the siding of the house make it feel like you are staying at your best friend’s house! Plus, the backyard pool is perfect for cooling off on hot days.

The backyard green area is conducive to your kid for pets running around and having a great time in the perennially sunny weather! While they enjoy playing fetch, having a catch with a tennis ball, or lying in the sun, you can sit at the tables or lounge chairs by the pool and think about just how lucky you are to be on your relaxing holiday!

Living Room in this Austin House Rental

After a long day of being in the sunshine, it is time to relax inside. You and your friends can sit in the cool living room and cuddle on one of the couches or chairs while watching your favorite show on the smart TV. The white walls and minimal decor make the space feel airy and ideal for hanging out and spending some time after a long day outside.


You’ll love the cozy and comfortable bedrooms after a day of exploring Austin. With 7 bedrooms, you and your guests can choose which option works best for their needs. The bedrooms come with comfortable bedding, modern decor, relaxing ambiances, and the perfect place to rest your head after a day of exploring the eccentric city of Austin!


Whether you are a fan of making food or not, the kitchen in this Austin vacation rental is fun to use! You can whip up some strong cocktails, make a few snacks to serve to your guests, or serve a higher-end dinner party at the dining room table. The granite countertops, ample counter area, and modern amenities make it cool to use this kitchen any time, day or night.

Need somewhere to stay during your upcoming holiday? Check out Austin Roadrunner Retreat from Austin Vacation Rentals, a modern and luxurious escape that is close to one of Texas’ most authentic and unique cities!

Austin is a vibrant Texas city that is home to thousands of ex-pats. One of the fastest-growing tourist hotspots to visit on vacation, this fun and hip area is one of the best places to head for a weekend off of work. So why not visit for the upcoming weekend this Labor Day in Austin? Instead of visiting the crowded tourist towns in Florida and California, Austin is an up-and-coming location that is perfect for those who want outdoor activities, cultural things to do, and dining options that will suit everyone’s taste buds!

Let’s check out why Austin is THE place to be for Labor Day in Texas — and why we have got you covered on finding accommodation that will make your weekend stress-free and fun!

Things to Do for Labor Day in Austin

Austin is home to some of the most eclectic and fun activities in the entire state. Head to this bustling city to check out the local art scene, buy some souvenirs at one of the nearby vintage or boutique shops, or test the city’s cuisine. You will fall in love with the breweries, wine bars, and seafood options — everything is fresh, homemade, and tasty!

Plus, the outdoor culture is bright and popular here. Head for a walk along the river, go for a morning bike ride in the nearby parks, or take a picnic lunch to one of the many green spaces in the city to get some fresh air!

Accommodation in Austin, TX

Not sure where to stay during your time in Austin, TX? Well, if you are looking for sprawling homes, Texas Hill Country houses, luxury condominiums, long-term rentals, or weekend getaways, we have you covered! Austin Vacation Rentals offers modern, spacious, and luxurious accommodation options for parties of all sizes. It doesn’t matter if you are just here for one weekend with your partner or if you are planning on staying for the entire month — Austin Vacation Rentals offer top of the one rental properties with modern appliances, brand-new furnishings, cozy bedrooms, high-end electronics, views of the surrounding areas, and much more!

You can find an Austin vacation rental that offers properly maintained rooms, immaculate cleaning, home comforts, clean linens, well-equipped properties, and comfortable furnishings that make it hard to leave your home! Of course, when you do, you can rest assured that all properties are in prime locations in the best parts of Austin, TX.

Use Austin Vacation Rentals to find highly maintained, luxurious, and low-priced alternatives to crowded hotel rooms.

The year-round sun and warmth of Texas are what make it a great getaway no matter the time of year. Austin offers an experience like no other, packed with family fun you won’t find anywhere else. There are plenty of family things to do in Austin for everyone, no matter how old.

Austin Zoo

Take the family to enjoy a family of wild beasts. Walk the grounds and say, “Oh my!” when you visit animals like lions, tigers, bears, cougars, wolves, monkeys, and more. Enjoy Texas wildlife, including the acorn weevil, bronzed cowbird, and northern, black-bellied whistling duck. Tickets to the zoo are currently only available for online purchase. Bring your proof of purchase to the zoo gates for admission.

Austin Aquarium

Once you’ve met the wildlife that makes their home on the land, take some time to visit the ones that dwell in the sea. Encounter sting rays, sharks, tropical fish from all over the world, koi fish, and much more. Learn about coral reefs and how they nourish the underwater environment and provide shelter, then watch sharks as they swim silently through the tanks. Once you’ve gotten to know the inhabitants, schedule a special encounter where you can feed stingrays, tortoises, and even sharks for an unforgettable experience.

Family Things to Do in Austin at the Texas Military Forces Museum

Wander a 45,000-square foot facility to explore the history of the Texas militia and volunteer forces dating back as early as 1823. Permanent exhibits include samples of uniforms, weapons, equipment, personal items, film, music, and other items that reflect life in the military. The museum also hosts several living history programs, as well as battle reenactments, and many other special events.

Texas State Capitol

Austin is the capital city of Texas and houses all the government buildings needed for maintaining everything that keeps the Lone Star State running. The current capitol building was completed and dedicated in May of 1888. If you’ve been to the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC, you may feel like the Texas capitol building is bigger. In fact, the Texas capitol building is 14.64 feet taller than the U.S. capitol, as measured from the ground to the top of the Statue of Freedom the U.S. capitol, and from the ground to the tip of the Goddess of Liberty on the Texas capitol.

Destination: Austin Family Fun

Once you’ve decided to make Austin your next family getaway destination, make sure your next step is booking a vacation rental with Austin Vacation Rentals. Begin and end every day of your adventure in a private, luxurious rental with all the comforts of home. Choose a small one-bedroom for a more intimate stay, all the way up to a 12-bedroom home to accommodate a large family or reunion. Enjoy the privacy of your own room and private outdoor spaces like patios and balconies. Choose a premium unit for hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, flat-screen TVs, and more.

Contact us today to start planning your family’s fun-filled trip to Austin and make memories to last a lifetime!

Austin, Texas is famous for its live entertainment, bustling nightlife, and artsy culture. In addition to these things, Austin also offers some of the best local dining in all of the state. Whether you’re craving slow-smoked barbeque or a unique pizza creation, you’re going to find it in Austin, Texas. Are you planning to visit Austin soon? If so, then you need to be aware of the best summer outdoor dining in Austin Texas. Keep on reading to find out where to eat!


Are you a seafood fan? Visit Perla’s and take a seat on their spacious patio where you can bask in the shaded area while browsing the delicious menu items. At Perla’s, you can order fresh fish, oysters, and even surf ‘n turf while enjoying a casual, laid-back atmosphere.

Summer House on Music Lane

With a unique outdoor dining experience, Summer House on Music Lane is a popular hotel restaurant that serves elevated, diverse food selections and alcoholic beverages. The cozy patio seating is perfect for friends and family to get together to enjoy the warm Austin sun!

Dining in Austin Texas at the Moonshine Grill

Visit Moonshine Grill, a restaurant located in a historic home on Red River Street. This eatery serves contemporary comfort food and cocktails and has a spacious outdoor patio area where customers can sit back and relax as they enjoy unique menu creations.

Salty Sow

Known as one of the best dining in Austin Texas experiences, Salty Sow is a casual American restaurant that specializes in braised, poached, and stewed dishes. You can also order a frothy craft beer there, as well. The outdoor dining space has lots of fans to ensure that customers are comfortable as they dine, no matter what season it is.

El Alma

Mexican food is always a good idea, especially when you’re at El Alma! This chic Mexican restaurant serves inventive cultural cuisine and cocktails and has a hip rooftop deck where customers can enjoy their meals outdoors. The local art located inside El Alma elevates the dining experience that much more. Definitely give this one a try!

Enjoy the Outdoor Dining in Austin

Do these local restaurant favorites have your mouth watering? Whether you’re craving fresh seafood or spicy Mexican food, you’ll find the best version of it in funky Austin, Texas. So start planning your stay in Austin, Texas to experience it all. Check out our Austin vacation rentals to find a property that suits the needs of your party so that you can make your Austin getaway the best it can be!

An intimate get away with just a few close members can be the most rewarding of vacations and when you and 3 or fewer of your favorite people choose to travel to Austin or Dripping Springs, we think you will fall in love with the charms of our Austin Vacation Rentals Dripping Springs Cottage by the Creek. Offering 1 tranquil bedroom, and 1 beautiful bathroom, your vacation dreams will come true with the luxurious comforts and quiet serenity found in this sweet Dripping Springs rental you will love to come home to every night of your stay.

Comfortable Charms

From the outside, guests will be charmed by the simple stone cottage that stands quietly in a field of grass surrounded by mature trees; a comfortable bench sits on a small stone patio, providing a serene place to sit and soak in the tranquility of the Texas landscape. Step into a cozy space featuring vaulted ceilings, wood floors, and an open concept floor plan that harbors no secrets. The living room space, centered by a luxurious leather sofa sleeper is kept light with crisp white walls and wide and generous windows that frame the Texas Hill Country views perfectly. A television provides entertainment while an oversized chair with an ottoman creates the perfect space for relaxing or reading during a lazy night at home. A small pub height table is where romantic meals for two can be enjoyed, but if you are traveling with family, never fear; outdoors under the canopy of mature oaks, there is room for all guests to come together for a family meal in the form of a large picnic table and comfortable outdoor seating areas. A modern kitchen with dark cabinets and light granite countertops can be used for creating healthy feasts, offering professional quality appliances in stainless steel, and more views of the Texas landscape through a window over the sink. The full bath is down here on this first level, offering a walk-in shower and single vanity. The magic of our Dripping Springs Cottage by the Creek, however, can be found in the loft area that overlooks the public spaces of the home. A king bed anchors the space that is surrounded by wide windows that provide light and still manage to preserve your privacy as you rest, relax, and dream happy dreams in a bed topped with the softest of linens.

More to Love in our Dripping Springs Rental

We have already mentioned some of the delights found outside, but of course, there is more to be explored. A block fireplace provides warmth and romance on chilly nights, while a propane grill can give guests an alternative spot to cook on those nights you aren’t quite ready to go back inside! A candelier (chandelier with candles, not lights) hangs over the picnic table, and Adirondack chairs dot the landscape of the backyard, peering out onto a scene of pure tranquility and natural beauty. A fire pit by the creek is where ghost stories will be told and marshmallows will be roasted and archery targets made of hay can add the excitement of competition to your getaway. Reserve this special property today!

If you are looking for something new to do for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday, may we suggest a getaway to the great state of Texas and a stay in our luxurious and comfortable Austin Vacation Rentals holiday hideaways? This long weekend deserves to be celebrated in a big way and no one does things bigger than our home state, ensuring that this Memorial Day will be remembered long after you have moved on to the next holidays in the lineup! This guide to all the fun you can find and the comforts you can enjoy will give you a clearer picture of what the perfect holiday escape can look like!

Hot Luck Festival, May 26th through May 29th at Various Locations Throughout Austin

If you like hot food and even hotter entertainment, the Hot Luck Festival is the first place you should check out during your Memorial Day in Austin! Featuring performers you have loved for years and new performers that are going to be your newest obsession, including DJ Jazzy Jeff, the Giddy-Up, and Shannon and the Clams. Also offering a lineup of talented chefs, some celebrities, some not, and all creating the best barbecue in Texas, this holiday festival truly does stand for everything that makes America great!

Browse our Memorial Day Rentals in Austin Here!

Ceremony for the Memorial Day in Austin

The traditional Memorial Day ceremonies seem to have fallen from the landscape of America, but in Texas, we hold our traditions close to the heart and there are a couple of nearby towns doing it upright! Pflugerville is home to its annual Memorial Day Celebration, taking place on May 30th from 11 AM until noon at Cook-Walden/Capital Parks Funeral Home & Cemetery, located at 14501 N Interstate Hwy 35 in the Texas Liberty Section of the Cemetery. For those who appreciate choices, the Memorial Day Service in nearby Lakeway (Emmaus Catholic Church
1718 Lohmans Crossing Road) starts at 10 AM (a little earlier) and gives guests another way to pay homage to those who sacrificed everything for the freedoms we enjoy today and every day.

The Most Comfortable Celebrations

The most comfortable celebrations are the ones that are enjoyed with family and/or friends in the comfort of our Austin Vacation Rentals. Rent a home with a pool and spend your holiday practicing your cannonballs with the kiddos, barbecuing on the deck, and relaxing with those you love most. Reserve your favorite holiday hideaway today and enjoy a Memorial Day that is next-level luxurious and comfortable!

As you begin planning your Texas Hill Country getaway, it can be a relief to know that your vacation dreams can come true when you choose our Austin Vacation Rentals Hill Country Dream Escape for your home away from home. Offering an impressive 6-bedrooms, 4.5-baths, and space enough for 18 people to live together peacefully (and without stepping all over each other!) this beautiful farmhouse style Texas Hill Country rental is destined to become the highlight of a vacation that already shines brighter than all others!

Book the Hill Country Dream Escape Here!

Comfort in this Texas Hill Country Rental

The farmhouse design doesn’t stop at the covered front porch and the dormered windows that look over the Texas landscape. Step inside to comfort and everything a traveler needs to feel comfortable and welcomed. A large and bright living area has enjoyed some modern updates, but the comforts have not been ignored. A plush sectional and complementing chairs are placed so as to enjoy the state of the art television hanging on one wall and the thoroughly modern glass mosaic tiled wall in which a gas fireplace is tucked away. The dining room is a large and cheerful space, offering a table surrounded by cushioned chairs that are destined to be the center of great memories as you dine, play games, and laugh at the antics of your fellow travelers. The kitchen maintains a country charm with crisp white cabinets and stone countertops, while the modern fixtures and appliances give the space style and substance. The bedrooms of our Hill Country Dream Escape offer magic, luxury, and the best of nights sleep, each space offering its own style and the added luxury of premium mattresses that help keep your dreams happy. And the 4 and a half baths? These stylish and modern spaces are designed to spoil, each room adding its own little surprise, including a stand alone slipper tub that guests will wish they had in their own home. Lighted mirrors over modern vanities, custom tile work, and modern fixtures create spaces you will never want to leave. A studio apartment with kitchenette gives the mother-in-law a space to call her own and a giant private pool in the backyard ensures that everyone will stay cool and refreshed even during the hottest days of the year!

Austin Vacation Rentals Welcomes You Home!

This beautiful farmhouse features all the comforts and conveniences of home, with the added benefits of charm and style. Reserve it today!

As Easter grows closer, you may be planning your next traveling adventure even as this is not typically a holiday during which people travel. But as we are all still trying to make up for lost time, getting away seems to be our latest obsession. Easter is held on April 17th this year and as the promise of spring grows closer to the rewards of summer, Austin begins to enjoy some of its best weather of the year. Warm enough to leave the coats behind and let the sun shine down on winter pale faces, but dry enough that the humidity doesn’t overwhelm and if you are planning to enjoy an Easter celebration in our favorite place on earth, it only makes sense to spend it in our favorite properties on earth, our Austin vacation rentals. This guide to your upcoming Easter in Austin, TX, adventures and the comforts offered by our home will give you a sneak peek into the best vacation you will ever take!

Fill the Baskets

If you are traveling with your kiddos you know the cardinal rule is “do not forget the baskets!” Edis Chocolates, 3808 Spicewood Springs Road Suite 102, makes this job very easy offering a selection of handmade chocolates, pastries, and cookies that will entice the “Easter Bunny” to purchase a few extras for themselves!

Check Out Our Austin Holiday Rentals Here!

Find the Eggs This Austin Easter

Another Easter staple is, of course, the hunt for colorful Easter eggs and there are more than a few public events happening in Austin this year! The Steiner Ranch Spring Fling is offering all sorts of Easter activities, including photo opps and face painting (in addition to the egg hunt) on Easter Sunday itself from 11 AM until 2 PM at Austin Kids Retreat and On April 16th, the day before Easter, an Easter Egg Hunt is sure to be enjoyed at Simpson Park. Featuring photo opps with the BBOC (big bunny on campus) and lasting from 9AM until noon, this exciting event promises to offer fun for the whole family.

Feast Happily

As the world slowly begins to open its doors once again, the Easter Brunch is coming back in force in Austin giving Austin visitors full stomachs and happy souls! The Old 290 Brewery & Restaurant, for example, located in nearby Johnson City allows for a different sort of Hops as adult guests enjoy local beers with their Easter Brunch which will impress even the pickiest of foodies!

At Home During Easter in Austin TX with Austin Vacation Rentals

All of the above activities can be luxuriously enjoyed at home in our Austin Vacation Rentals. Build the baskets, hide the eggs, and create a feast to remember in our fully equipped chef’s kitchens. Reserve your favorite today!

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