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Don’t Miss Out on the Zilker Metropolitan Park in Austin TX

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Austin may be famous for its food, music, and history, but it also offers some fabulous natural areas. Zilker Metropolitan Park in Austin TX, located in the heart of town, offers beautiful foliage, adorable wildlife, music venues, and a host of activities in which to take part. If you and your family are up for some exercise you can enjoy biking, boating, and swimming. If you’d rather sit back and watch a show, the park offers concert venues and educational activities. Learn about the stuff to do near Austin below:


The park has many outdoor activities to enjoy. It is home to the Barton Springs Pool, a natural pool that is fed by four springs, flanked by two dams, and is an impressive three acres in size.
If you prefer to traverse the water in a boat, you can canoe or kayak up and down the Colorado River, which intersects with the Zilker grounds. They even have organized trips, such as the Full Moon Paddle or Fourth of July Paddle.

If you prefer the land to the water, you can take a hike or bike around the park’s trail or play volleyball at any one of the five courts. After all that exercise, you can enjoy a picnic at any one of the three picnic sites.  There is plenty of stuff to do near Austin.

Educational Activities

If you prefer to exercise your mind, the park offers several ways for families to learn about nature and science. The Botanical Gardens contains a Japanese garden, a waterwise garden, and even a prehistoric garden which includes plants that existed at the time of the dinosaurs. It also boasts a sculpture of the dinosaur Ornithomimus, which left tracks of its three-toed feet in the garden. You can also visit The Austin Science and Nature Center, which includes many exhibits, including one about funky bird nest and another about the Salamanders that swim in Barton Springs Pool. This is one of the most interesting stuff to do near Austin!

Live Shows

If you want to enjoy the outdoors while listening to tunes or seeing a show, Zilker Park offers plenty of options for you. The Zilker Hillside Theater has a free summer musical every year. If you’re looking for some live music, summer brings the Blues on the Green music festival to the park. The Austin City Limits two-week music festival also takes place here.

Things To Do Near Austin

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