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Visit the Cathedral Of Junk in Austin

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Austin is known for its colorful characters and quirky hipster vibe, and nowhere exemplifies that better than The Cathedral of Junk in Austin. The giant pile of garbage will not only amaze visitors with its size; it can also teach hoarders how to make the best of their obsession.

The Cathedral sits in a backyard of 4422-4424 Lareina Dr. and is the brainchild of the home’s owner Vince Hannemann. It has become one of Austin’s oddest attractions. Read more about what to see in Austin TX below:

How It Began

Mr. Hannemann erected the Cathedral in 1988. He told Roadside America that he started it because he thought it was “kinda cool.” It is a cathedral-like structure that was originally constructed out of Mr. Hannemann’s personal debris and has grown into an impressive structure that contains over 60 tons of garbage. The garbage has been contributed by visitors from all over the world. The City of Austin forced the owner to par down the structure in 2010 and it came close to being dismantled.

The Structure

One wall of the Cathedral is comprised of old bicycle parts and a random toilet bowl. Another wall is adorned with old glass bottles. There are many statues in the garden, including several gnomes, a Frosty the Snowman, and The Virgin Mary. You will also see a cactus made from old flywheels and metal bits and a toilet filled with rubber ducks. The Cathedral is ever-changing; a pyramid of TVs has been dismantled, as it would not hold its pyramid shape.

Planning Your Visit

The museum does not maintain regular hours or charge a formal admission fee; if it did, Mr. Hannemann would have to register it as a business. Visitors are encouraged to phone in advance to make an appointment. A donation of $5.00 for individuals and $10.00 for groups is encouraged. Learn more about what to see in Austin. People often come to the Cathedral armed with garbage or other odd objects to contribute to the structure. Be advised that your contribution may not be accepted. Mr. Hannemann must find an object interesting to be included in the structure. You can bring the kiddies and even a picnic lunch, but alcohol is strictly forbidden, and you must clean up after yourself.

What To See In Austin

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