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No vacation would be complete without a trip to the local history museum and no trip to Austin would be complete without a visit to the Bullock Museum. The museum was established by the 38th Lieutenant Governor of Texas, Bob Bullock. The Bullock Museum features three floors of galleries and a visit to the establishment includes exhibits, local film festivals, and lecture series. Read about the top place to go in Austin:


The museum is host to many temporary and permanent exhibits. Each floor of the museum has a gallery that is dedicated to telling the story of a particular part of Texas history. The first-floor gallery tells the story of the early days of Texas, from its discovery to the year 1821. The gallery includes early artifacts that you are allowed and even encouraged to touch. There is also an exhibit about the history of rodeos and another about Comanche culture.

The Second Floor Gallery covers the history of Texas from 1821 to 1936. The exhibit will take visitors through the establishment of the state, to slavery, The Civil War and reconstruction. You can learn what it was like to be a Texan when the state transitioned from being a country to a part of the United States. The Third Floor Gallery takes you to 20th and 21st century Texas. Here you will find out everything from what it was like to be a Texas Cattleman to what it was like to work mission control for NASA in the early days of the space program. The museum also offers many temporary exhibits throughout the year. There are plenty of things to do around Austin Texas. We have something for everyone!


The Bullock Museum has the only IMAX theater with laser film experience in the whole state. If IMAX movies aren’t your thing, you may want to visit, The Texas Spirit Theater on the second floor. The theater hosts multi-sensory films as well as film series and lectures. Series include Texas Focus, which features films set in Texas and those by local filmmakers; Femme Fridays, which focuses on women in film; and B Movies and Bad History, which examines the differences between the Texas history you see in the movies versus the actual history of the state. This is definitely the best place to go in Austin!


The first Wednesday of every month brings High Noon Talks. The lecture series educates visitors about interesting and under-discussed topics that pertain to American culture.

Things To Do Around Austin Texas

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