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Explore the Texas Military Forces Museum

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The 45,000-square-foot Texas Military Forces Museum explores everything related to the Texas military from 1823 to the present. You won’t believe this incredible museum is always free.

Thousands of Historical Artifacts

The Texas Military Forces Museum is filled with hundreds of thousands of objects to learn from and admire. On display are dozens of tanks, armored personnel carriers, self-propelled guns, trucks, jeeps, helicopters, jet fighters, observation aircraft, towed artillery pieces, uniforms, personal items, film, music, photographs, battle dioramas, and realistic full-scale environments. From the Texas Revolution to the War on Terror, the Texas Military Forces Museum at Austin covers literally everything about Texas military forces.

The Texas Military Forces Museum’s library contains 10,000 books and periodicals and more than 7,000 cataloged photos from the origins of the Texas military to the present. You can view after-action reports from World War II, World War I service cards and thousands of photographs that will give you a full sense of life in the military.


In addition to tons of amazing exhibits, the Texas Military Forces Museum at Austin puts on battle reenactments, living history events and more. During interactive events, you can learn about things as varied as popular dances during the Civil War. The Texas Military Forces Museum hosts a dance with live “caller,” period music, food, and drinks. Events often feature working original equipment pieces such as tanks that have been restored. Watch the live reenactments and then study the original uniforms and equipment used in the battles the museum commemorates.

Whether you’re a hobby historian, a veteran or a parent looking for fun and educational experience for your children, consider this museum. Here you’ll be able to climb inside an M4A3 Sherman tank, WWII and post-war era Jeeps, and Kiowa and Raven helicopters, and handle modern Russian AK-47’s, M1-D sniper rifles, M1863 Springfields and German MP 40s. Uniformed reenactors can teach you about the history and use of the weapons. You’ll always walk about with new knowledge. It makes for a great addition to a July 4th vacation.

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