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Train Your Brain with the Fun Maze Rooms in Austin

Austin is home to a multitude of adventurous activities, and if you’re looking for a challenging thrill that’s guaranteed to bring out the best of your detective skills, pay a visit to Maze Rooms in Austin, a reputable escape room company offering high-quality experiences for people of all skill levels!

Team up with Your Fellow Escapees and Combine Your Intellect in A Race Against the Clock at The Maze Room in Austin

For those not familiar, escape rooms are a trendy type of real-life adventure game where you and your group members are “locked” inside a room and utilize clues in the environment to break the code and free yourselves from the room in a set time limit. Participants operate as a team and unite their wit and analytical skills to solve a number of puzzles that will eventually lead you to your keys and freedom! Over the past few years, this has become a popular pastime for teambuilding, relationship strengthening, and outside-the-box date ideas, and no matter who you’re there with, it’s an exciting and fun time!

At Maze Rooms Austin, you’ll find three enthralling themed rooms, each with specialized elements, atmosphere, and a uniquely eerie vibe. There’s a room perfect for any level and rooms can accommodate groups of up to eight! The Spy Safehouse is designed for beginners and is themed around trying to discover the true identity of a Soviet spy to earn your release. It’s decorated in a way that will make you feel like you’ve stepped decades into the past, complete with well-thought-out details such as a Saturday Evening Post from 1962. Second, there’s The Pharaoh’s Tomb, where you’ll trace your archeology professor who went missing in Egypt, using clues from his journal to find out what happened to him, uncovering secrets about Ancient Egypt along the way! For those looking for a spooky thrill, there’s The Shed, where you are invited to a friend’s dinner party who turns out to be a crazed maniac, and you only have an hour to escape! It begins with you and your friends handcuffed to opposite sides of the room and is certainly one of the most challenging and rewarding rooms Maze Rooms Austin has to offer.

Prices start off at $30 per player for groups of three or more and $45 per player for groups of two at The Maze Room in Austin! You can find Maze Rooms Austin at 5555 N Lamar Blvd Suite K110, Austin, TX 78751, or can reach them by phone at 512-541-1640!

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