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Barton Springs- Best Things To Do In Austin Texas

Austin, Texas may be most famous for its music and art scene, but it has a few attractions that are unknown to the average tourist, such as the Barton Springs Pool. If you’re used to swimming laps at the Y, you will be pleasantly surprised by what this three-acre, natural pool has to offer. It has an interesting history and many nearby activities that visitors can enjoy. Read more about the top things to do in Austin Texas below:


Barton Springs was originally considered sacred water by the Tonkawa Native American Tribe. The tribe used the springs for certain rituals. Many years later the city of Austin was incorporated, and Willie Barton settled the springs area. He promoted the springs to people as a place to swim.
The pool continued to thrive in the 20th century. Robert Redford himself learned to swim at the pool and continues to be an advocate for its preservation.
Today, both swimmers and salamanders enjoy the waters, which remain an average of 70 degrees all year round.

Planning a Visit

The pool is open every day, except for Thursday when it is cleaned. In recent years the pool has had problems with contamination and has been shut down several times. The contamination tends to happen after a heavy rain and travelers are advised to call the hotline at 512 476-9044, to make sure that the pool is open.
Only experienced, adult swimmers should come to the pool early in the morning or late at night. Although the pool is open from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm, there is only a lifeguard present from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. The pool is flanked by two dams and floodgates on the dam are closed when visitors are swimming, to ensure the water level stays high. You get to decide the top things to do in Austin Texas!

Activities at Zilker Park

After your swim you will want to check out all that Zilker Park has to offer. Visitors can rent boats or visit the park beautiful Botanical Garden. The interactive exhibit, “Splash” is located right near the pool. The exhibit uses hands on methods to teach kids about the importance of pollution free waters. The Austin Nature and Science center offers exhibits on many kinds of wildlife.

Top Things To Do In Austin Texas

A day of swimming, boating and learning can wear a body out. You will want a comfortable place to relax, eat and sleep after a day at the pool. We can help you find the perfect place to say at Austin Rentals. Please call us at 888-503-9661 or visit our website today.