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Everything You Need to Know About Child Care in Austin

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Austin is a fantastic city with something for everyone. From its lively music scene and upscale dining to its vast nature areas and quirky food trucks, it truly offers something for travelers at every stage of life. Austin has also proven itself to be a family-friendly city, offering a wide variety of activities that can be enjoyed from toddlers to grandparents. While traveling with children can at times seem overwhelming, there is no better way to open their eyes to the world and to create memorable moments with the family than through travel. At Austin Vacation Rentals, we take much of the hassle out of traveling to Austin with children by providing child care in Austin extras that will ease your load. Partnering with The Traveling Bundle means that you can leave all of your bulky baby gear behind while still being well-equipped to enjoy your stay in Austin!

Convenience, Safety, and Style

Though smallest in size, infants and toddlers tend to require the most gear, making packing for travel overwhelming. From sleeping to eating to riding in the car, extra gear is needed. The Traveling Bundle has created a one stop shop for obtaining all the infant and toddler gear needed to equip your stay in Austin without having to lug along bulky and awkward extras. Items such as car seats, strollers, high chairs, potty chairs, infant tubs, swings, and bouncers, among other items, are all available with the simple click of a button. Parents can rest assured that only the safest, highest quality, and up-to-date items are offered. With all of these creature comforts on offer, it will be easy to quickly settle into your Austin vacation rental, enjoying hands-free downtime while your baby remains happy.

Important Extras

Even beyond the day-to-day necessities, The Traveling Bundle offers important extras that will make outings throughout Austin smooth and seamless. Whether you don’t want to use the extra weight and space on packing all the extras or you simply forgot some things behind, The Traveling Bundle is likely to have just what you need for your day of family fun in Austin. Secure a stroller for your day exploring the city, or even a beach tent for a sunny day along one of Austin’s beautiful lakes. And to ensure a restful night, The Traveling Bundle also offers items such as bed rails, cribs, and video monitors.

Stay in one of these Austin vacation rentals on your family vacation which can be equipped and ready for your little one! Reach out to our team at Austin Vacation Rentals to find the perfect place to house your family vacation memories.


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