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Texas State Tubes

On a warm Texas day, experiencing the scenery from the vantage point of the refreshing San Marcos River is a great way to beat the heat. Texas State Tubes is just a half-hour drive from Austin, making it an easy day trip to add into an Austin itinerary. Simply recline and let the world go by on one of best places to go tubing in Texas. 

The Texas State Tubes Experience 

Choose from a 3-hour or 6-hour tubing experience with Texas State Tubes. Your tubing adventure begins with a short orientation, during which visitors receive all the necessary equipment and safety instructions. A cooler for each participant is provided, as well as one cooler tube per group of 5 people. 

Along the way, soak up the experience of being immersed in nature, surrounded by towering trees, lush vegetation, and abundant wildlife. Exploring the scenic river while tubing is a memorable experience that appeals to all ages. Kids can enjoy the thrill of splashing around, while adults can soak up the sun and take in the picturesque views. Along the way, stop at various swimming holes, rope swings, and picnic areas. 

For those who want to enjoy adult beverages along the river route, selecting a tour that includes transportation to and from the departure site is a great option. Simply float, relax, and then be transported back to your Austin accommodations!  

Exploring the San Marcos River 

The San Marcos River is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Texas, with crystal-clear waters that stay at a refreshing temperature year-round. The river is home to various aquatic species, such as bass, catfish, turtles, and birds, making it a prime spot for wildlife enthusiasts and nature photographers. The clear waters are perfect for cooling off on a warm Texas day.  

Book Your Texas State Tubes Adventure 

Booking a Texas State Tubes adventure is easy and convenient, with online reservations available. They offer tubing experiences beginning on the first hot Saturday in March through the last Saturday in September. Texas State Tubes offers various packages, including tube rentals, shuttle services, and add-ons such as waterproof phone cases and cooler floats. For those staying in Austin, shuttle service is available. Visitors can also purchase snacks, drinks, and souvenirs along the way. Private excursions are available, creating a great option for bachelor or bachelorette parties or other group celebrations.  

In search of an Austin vacation rental that will allow you to easily enjoy top experiences such as Texas State Tubes? Browse our listings here and contact us today to book your stay!

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