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Check Out these Awesome Indoor Things to Do in Austin

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Sometimes a rainy day in Austin makes you seek out activities you can do inside so as to stay high and dry, and other times you just don’t feel like fighting the summer humidity, so it’s air-conditioned activities you try to find. Or maybe, you are just not an outdoor person and you just prefer your vacations to be filled with activities that don’t involve bugs, sweat, or unusual smells. Whichever your preference, this list of indoor things to do in Austin will ensure that your Texas getaway is exactly how you imagined it!

Book People, 603 North Lamar Boulevard

Although we appreciate the internet for all it offers, we lament the disappearance of independent book stores, as people tend to purchase all their books online, especially with the advent of eReaders. Book People, however, is the exception to the rule of disappearing book stores. Locally owned, this two-story book store offers book signings, storytime for children, and a book club that may lack the flash of a certain television personality’s book club, but holds all the charm you miss on the internet.

Blanton Museum of Art, 200 E Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard

Cool in many ways, the Blanton Museum of Art is a part of the University of Texas, and as is typical of Texas, is one of the largest university-affiliated museums in the country and of the best Austin indoor attractions! This home to some of the most important artworks in the world features an ever-evolving selection of temporary exhibits, so no two visits will ever be the same.

iFly Austin, 13265 North US 183 A

If you think you can fly, you may be right, especially if you spend your indoor activity time skydiving via the power of a vertical wind tunnel in this exciting establishment. Every daredevil who ever dreamed of flying under their own power should visit one of the top Austin indoor attractions, and since it is indoors, the weather doesn’t matter.

Alamo Drafthouse

Rainy days and movies go hand in hand, and when you go to the movies at Alamo Drafthouse, you can add a third element to the equation: alcohol! Offering a full bar and delicious food that will be served to you in the seat you picked out in advance, your Texas movie adventures have gotten that much more interesting!

Have Fun Visiting These Austin Indoor Attractions

Our luxury escapes are designed to be lived in, so why not stay home and play? Watch a movie on television with all the wine you want and none of the worries about who is going to drive home, read a book you bought from Book People late into the night, or sit on the patio of our rentals and watch the rainfall as you talk about life with your favorite traveling partner. Contact us to learn more about indoor things to do in Austin and to reserve your vacation rental today and enjoy the indoors life during your awesome Austin sojourn! Explore these Austin villas and other rentals, such as 30-day rentals, 60-day rentals, and even our long term rentals.

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