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Visit Austin & Experience the Famous Ghost and Bat Segway Tour

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Austin, Texas is a historic city with a rich background that is perfect to explore. You can see all of the haunted locales around the city and hear about the ghostly tales when booking an Our Famous Ghost and Bat Segway Tour. This incredible tour lets you take a look into another side of this city that is not typically explored with other Austin ghost tour packages. Here is what you can expect:

Bats, Bats, Bats

One of the more famous Austin sights is the nightly flight of the two million Mexican free-tailed bats that migrate to the city every year. The bat colony finds its temporary home underneath the Congress Avenue Bridge that overlooks the rest of Congress Avenue. While the bats may be gone in some seasons, you can still hear about how their migratory patterns have changed Austin for the better.

Ride A Segway When You Visit Austin

Let us be real: There is nothing more fun when exploring that doing so on a Segway! The Our Famous Ghost and Bat Segway Tour will let you cruise around on a state of the art Segway. If you have never been on one before, you are in for quite the treat! Simply lean forward and hold on and the machine will have you zipping off in no time!

The Haunted History of Austin

Many hotels and buildings in Austin are rumored to be haunted. Your local tour guide will give you the ghostly backstories of each building as you Segway by. Popular stops along the tour include the Italian Renaissance Revival of the Texas State Capitol Building, Lady Bird Lake, Moonlight Towers, and more. We won’t give away the creepy details of these famous landmarks, but you will be gripping your steering handle in delight (or terror!).

Booking Your Segway Ride

Each Our Famous Ghost and Bat Segway Tour in Austin will last for approximately two hours and take you all over the city. Your ride will take place at night with each participant needing to be at least 14 years old. Reservations start at just $74.69 per person with departure at 7:00pm sharp.

More to Austin Than Meets the Eye

There has never been a better time to visit Austin. Enjoy this unique tour and other exciting activities that can be found close to our vacation rentals. Each property features custom home features and resort-like amenities. Give us a call and allow one of our rental experts to find the right rental for you!

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