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Enjoy Exploring Austin With the Kids


Taking your kids on a trip around Austin is an enjoyable experience. But as is often the case, you may not know where to start, how to get prepared, or most importantly, where to go. This is where the book “Exploring Austin With Kids” comes in handy. Not only does the book detail over 100 family-friendly places in and around Austin, experiencing the city has never been easier, with over 25 events that range from the mild to the quirky that your kids will definitely love. Even if you’ve been in Austin all your life, chances are you’ll read about places you have never even heard of or thought existed.

Outdoorsy Austin

Apart from showing you where to go, how to get there, and when is the best time to visit, the book also is full of great tips on how to be prepared, why going out with the kids is different from going out with adults, and how to make the most out of your outdoor trip around town. From packing water and snacks to being ready to turn back even if you haven’t reached the end of where you were going, the advice is sure to help make your trip smooth. So for example, if you were hiking with your kids and they complained that they were tired and wanted to go back, it’s time to turn around instead of pushing forward. You want to instill the love of nature and outdoor sports and activities in your kids, and that can only happen when you listen to them and have them enjoy the experience at their own pace. The book is also filled with great information about how to enjoy Austin’s vibrant kid culture.

Austin on Your Phone

Knowing how dependent we are on our phones these days, there is even an app that has the entire guidebook. That way you can always carry the book with you in a convenient and easy to search way. Anywhere you are in Austin you can use the app to find interesting places near you and plan an outing on a whim. The app also provides updated information about dates, times, and addresses of the local attractions in the city as well as links to relevant websites and phone numbers that you can call to make further inquiries. You can get the book here or buy the app on the app store.

Austin Vacation Rentals with Luxury and Style

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