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Try Some of the Best Wineries in Austin TX

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In a state known for rowdy barbecues, rugged cowboys, and for having a taste for an ice-cold beer on the hottest days of summer, it may come as a surprise to learn that the city of Austin is famed for its wineries as well. Texans do not like to be predictable, except for where it matters, and the wineries around Austin are predictably successful, with the wines offered to be tasty and smooth. If you’re planning on visiting our favorite place on Earth any time soon, do yourself a favor and explore the more civilized part of the Lone Star State; here are some suggestions for wineries in Austin TX to get you started!

The Austin Winery, 440 East St. Elmo Road

Austin Winery offers a variety of tours, pop-up dinners, and even yoga classes if you can believe it! Featuring a decent-sized selection of reds and whites, if you fall in love with a particular bottle, you can order it online after you return home. Their tasting room is open without reservations every day of the week except Monday, and if you’re looking for a wedding locale, this might be the place to start your forever, as they host weddings and other private events as well.

Austin Custom Winery, 5297 Brodie Lane #130, Sunset Valley

Sunset Valley is basically a bedroom community of Austin, located just nine miles away. It is also home to a popular micro-winery, offering smooth and silky wines for your tasting pleasures. Speaking of tastings, their tastings are open Tuesday through Saturday from 11:30 AM until 8:00 PM, and because they also have a strong online presence, whatever you don’t purchase during your visit can be purchased online once you return home.

Gran Tour Wine Company, 14121 Hwy 290 West Bldg. 3B

Offering a sophisticated blend of wines from Spain and Argentina, this small winery isn’t home to Texas wines, but it still is worthy of a visit and offers a great tasting room. In October, they offer a Boo Two Sale, making it a good time to stock up on your favorite bottle.

Bring Home a Bottle or Two

Our Austin Vacation Rentals Texas escapes offering the perfect spaces to enjoy the wine you purchased during your tasting sessions, whether you’re looking for a 1 bedroom rental or a home for a large group. Open a bottle for the dinner you prepared for the family or enjoy a glass or two on the patio as the sun sets over the horizon. Contact us to learn more about wineries in Austin TX and to reserve one of our 4 bedroom rentals today. Enjoy these beautiful honeymoon rentals!

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