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Watch Some Amazing Austin Sports

You’d have to be living under a rock somewhere to not notice that the entire state of Texas is big into sports. From Friday night football games at the high schools to Saturday football games with the University of Texas Longhorns to America’s favorite NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys, Texans live and die by the toss of a coin at the 50-yard line. While there are other sports we care about, it always begins and ends with the old pigskin. Here’s some information about the Austin sports events you can watch during your stay in Austin.

Texas Longhorns

As any well-rounded college should, the University of Texas has a large variety of sports teams; pick your season and your sport and come check out what these young men with stars in their eyes and hope in their hearts can accomplish. Their football, baseball, and basketball programs are amongst the oldest and most loved in the country.

Round Rock Express, Minor League Baseball

While there aren’t any major league Austin sports teams, the minor league baseball team, Round Rock Express, is the “grandchild” of former Major League player, Nolan Ryan. His son, Reid Ryan, is one of the founders of this summer team that plays at the Dell Diamond.

Texas Stars, American Hockey League

Home to the Calder Cup-winning Texas Stars, the Cedar Park Center is where our favorite Texans skate it out on the ice. This competitive team has a strong future and we continue to be excited by their skills every year!

Austin Spurs, G-League Basketball

Owned by the San Antonio Spurs since 2014, we are still getting to know these bright young players and can’t wait to see how far they take us! So far, their 2017/2018 season has been their best, as they finished in first place in the Southwest Division.

Austin Outlaws, Austin Sol, and Austin Huns

The Woman’s Football Alliance, American Ultimate Disc League, and Texas Rugby Union are three more interesting sports that can be viewed during your stay. Surprisingly, the English sport of rugby has been an all-American Austin favorite since the 1970s and is definitely worth checking out!

Watch Austin Sports Teams on the Big Screen

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