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Experience the Austin Nightlife

In your real life at home, it’s very probable that no matter how young or old you are, responsibilities keep you from enjoying the nightlife in your area. Or, for those from smaller towns, the idea of nightlife involves after-midnight trips to the local drug store to fill a prescription for a sick youngster! If either of these scenarios sounds familiar to you, why not make your vacation extra special and take advantage of the sophisticated (and sometimes wild) Austin nightlife scene? We’ve compiled a list of places that will ensure your Texas trip is one you probably shouldn’t talk about after you have returned home!

The HandleBar, 121 East 5th Street

To paraphrase the immortal words of “that song” from “that farce-ical Western movie” that came out a few years ago, “Everyone’s life would be better with a mustache,” and when you visit the HandleBar, you will truly understand why! This Mustache and Western-themed bar, with a photo booth (with tons of mustache props!) in addition to a varied drink menu and an adult playground, will give your Friday night out the extra benefit of laughter and giggles!

Midnight Cowboy, 313 East 6th Street

Sophisticated and charming, this reservations-only hotspot expects you to stay on your best behavior (and that includes staying off your cell phones) as you sip on the old-fashioned cocktails that made the speakeasies during Prohibition so popular! Pressed tin roofs, wallpaper that could have covered the walls of a 1930s home, exposed brick, and leather banquettes make this Austin Texas nightlife spot one you won’t soon forget.

Elysium, 705 Red River Street

Sometimes there are the nights where you want to let your hair down and dance the night away; these are the nights for Elysium. Offering themed events and a sunken dance floor, the goth, and industrial dance music will put you right where you want to be—in a music-induced haze on the dance floor!

Mean-Eyed Cat, 1621 West 5th Street

The drink list at Mean-Eyed Cat is smaller than what you may be used to, as this hip joint only sells beer and wine, but live music honoring everyone’s favorite man in black, Johnny Cash, is always playing at this hot Austin nightlife spot! Add in a dog-friendly patio and a casual atmosphere and your night out in Austin will be a resounding hit.

Austin Texas Nightlife at its Best

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