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Experience the Memorable Austin Live Music Crawl

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It is no secret that Austin, Texas is a music landmark of the entire state. Many famous musicians have their roots in this music-loving city and played at many of the local clubs that are still around. If you want an in-depth yet engaging tour of the live music scene in Austin, look no further than the Austin Live Music Crawl. You will be provided with a thorough overview of the music scene and even taken to shows where you can see the best live music Austin has to offer. Here is what to expect from this incredible tour:

For the Love of Music

There is nothing like being shown some of the incredible live music venues in Austin by music enthusiasts who call the city home. You will be given a tour like no other as you explore two to three different venues during your tour. Each venue is picked depending on the style and type of music you really appreciate. Not only are the tour guides music enthusiasts but also live musicians themselves! Now that is some insider knowledgeable only available through Austin Live Music Crawl.

Getting Ready for Your Music Crawl

Each music crawl will begin at the concierge desk at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Austin. The local venues around the city can be everything from large amphitheaters to small pubs. The smaller locations may be crowded, so expect a tight squeeze during busier evenings like the weekends. As you get to explore several different venues, your tour guide will make sure to tell you which of the 270 venues in the city are worth checking out during your stay.

Booking Your Austin Live Music Crawl

Now that you know what to expect from the Austin Live Music Crawl, there has never been a more perfect time to book. Tours start at $54.13 per person and each participant must be 21 years or old; some of the music venues you will visit may be bars that require everyone to be over 21. You will find all of the hidden locations that only the locals know about when you book your next Austin Live Music Crawl.

Music and More in Austin

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