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Experience Some Spooky Austin Ghost Tours

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Visitors travel to Austin for a true taste of Texas life. Known for an exciting urban atmosphere balanced with that Texas touch of bigger and better, Austin encompasses the culture, fun and entertainment visitors crave. So, it may be surprising to hear that as far as paranormal enthusiasts go, Austin is also a hotbed for ghostly activity. If you’re in the mood for a walk on the other side, be sure to check out Austin Ghost Tours when you’re in town.

Be a Part of the Paranormal

Austin Ghost Tours has been in business for over 25 years, delivering up-close encounters of the paranormal kind for visitors interested in experiencing parts of the past that just don’t seem to let go. From visits to haunted hotels and hospitals, jailhouses and even the Capitol Building, Austin Ghost Tours dives deep into the restless history of the city.

Walking Austin Ghost Tours

While Austin Ghost Tours promotes experiences that are intriguing for members of the whole family, there are a lot of choices when it comes to making the most of your ghostly excursion. Walking tours happen every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening with several themes available. Thursday nights features themes of ghosts, murder, and mayhem as groups travel through Old German Town rehashing some of the most dramatic histories Austin offers up. Friday nights are dedicated to a ghost walk that winds through Austin’s first hospital, a jailhouse and an exterior investigation of the Driskill Hotel. Come by for a Saturday tour if you’re looking to encounter some paranormal activity in the Historic District with a stop at the Susannah Dickinson House.

Extraordinary Extras

Austin Ghost Tours in Austin TX are always led by an expert guide with a wealth of knowledge on those stories, histories, and mysteries that keep Austin a hauntingly great place to visit. Walking tours are 90 minutes long and guests traveling with their furry friends are more than welcome to bring four-legged companions along for the tour. It is highly encouraged for guests to bring cameras along on the tours as many of the stops have a tendency to capture some interesting shots, angles, and shadows that may be…unexpected. If you’re in the area in October, make sure to check out the seasonally specific walking tours that happen every Friday and Saturday night. Arbor Trails Ghost Walks are an extraordinary way to potentially come in contact with the otherworldly that linger in the Austin area, making it the perfect pre-Halloween excursion. If you have questions or are interested in learning more, contact Austin Ghost Tours at 512-203-5561 or via email at info@austinghosttours.com. An in-depth look at all tours is available online at www.austinghosttours.com.

Getting the Most from Your Ghostly Getaway

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