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Enjoy Some of the Best Austin Art and Culture

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Although we may be known for our rough and tough Wild West history, we do have a softer and more cultured side. Texas in general, and Austin more specifically, has always been the type of place to attract people of all types, and that includes the artsy crowd! The Austin culture is great and home to a generous selection of museums, art galleries, and theaters, your stay in Austin promises to be a gentle and cultured one, especially when you take part in the following activities.


Culturally speaking, life in this Texas city is a rich one, filled with Austin art museums and galleries that would impress visitors from the more cosmopolitan cities of the world such as Paris, New York, and even Washington DC. Museums such as The Contemporary Austin, located at 700 Congress Avenue, feature a modern mix of genres, including the photography art of Rodney McMillian and his “Against a Civic Death” exhibition scheduled to end in late August. The Betty and Edward Marcus Sculpture Park is on the grounds of what was once a private estate and offers a bucolic setting for the pieces found there. Also an art school, this museum can be found at 3809 West 35th Street and is worth taking a few hours out of your busy vacation schedule to explore.

Austin Art Galleries

Part of what we love about art galleries is the broad spectrum of works that can be found within their walls, from the graffiti type art found at the Hope Outdoor Gallery to the more refined pieces found at Women & Their Work. Folksy and creative designs found in Canopy can be found at 916 Spring Road, and those attracted to quirky and unusual will find their personal Utopia at Yard Dog Art Gallery at 1510 South Congress Avenue.

Performing Arts

Enjoy Austin culture when you can find theater and live performance groups in Austin who are always willing to get out on that stage and give it their all! The most popular here in Austin is the Long Center for the Performing Arts, located at 701 West Riverside Drive. Offering a variety of musical and theatrical performances that range from comedy to dance to classical and beyond, the Long Center is the first and last name in performing arts.

Artistic Design Can Be Considered Cultural, Too

Although the artwork on the walls may not be museum quality and the only performances to be found may be the game of charades you and your family play in our comfortable and modern living areas, the overall design of all our Austin vacation rentals is artistic and creative. Contact us today to learn more about Austin art and culture, and to reserve one of our rentals! Browse our amazing riverfront vacation rentals today!

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