It’s only normal to start feeling a little depressed as summer draws to an end. Even those of us who still work full-time jobs still look at the season as a magical time period filled with possibility, and the arrival of fall brings along responsibilities, chores, and the feeling that childhood has ended. If that’s how you feel today, we have good news for you: It’s only August, you still have a few more weeks of summer! It’s time to start planning that Labor Day trip to Austin, Texas. There’s still one last long weekend of summer to play! Here’s five incredible ways to make sure you get the most out of your Labor Day in Austin celebrations!

Silent Party Labor Day in Austin

If you don’t know what silent party is already, chances are you may not be interested, but give it a try anyway; it’s actually kind of cool! No speakers, no loud music, just put on your headphones and the channels you want to listen to as you celebrate the freedom to dance to your own tunes. Our Labor Day Weekend Silent Party is being held August 31st through September 1st at the Rainey Social and celebrates the music of trap and R&B.

Summer and Music Go Hand in Hand

Our best summer memories involve outdoor concerts and thousands of screaming fans. What better way to say farewell to your favorite season than by attending Bob Schneider’s Labor of Love Concert at the Nutty Brown Amphitheater on September 2? Tickets start at $20 and top out at $100. Food, drinks, and lawn seating will be available to everyone.

Pool Party at Barton’s Springs Municipal Pool

We do things differently in Texas, and this municipal pool located in the middle of Zilker Park isn’t a boring old chlorine pool—it’s water source is the nearby springs! Located at 2131 William Barton Drive, the refreshing turquoise water will bring a smile to your face as it cools down your core. Lifeguards are on duty, so your celebrations will be safe!

Stop and Smell the Roses

You’re already at the Zilker Park for the pool, you might as well take some time to smell the pretty flowers while you’re at it! Pack a picnic and spend some time exploring the 36 acres of Zilker Botanical Garden. Featuring Japanese gardens, rose gardens, koi ponds, and so much more, a peaceful hike through this flowering Zen garden offers a peaceful way to say adieu to summer’s pleasures.

Stay in and Experience the Joys of Your Vacation Escape

There’s no need to go anywhere. Stay in one of our beautiful 2 bedroom homes and play in your luxuriously comfortable Austin Vacation Rentals fantasy abode. Sleep late in cloud soft beds, play board games with the kids at the dining table, and celebrate the holiday in all-American style with a barbecue on the deck of one of our luxury rentals. Everything is bigger and better in Texas, and this Labor Day weekend in Austin will be no exception, we even offer 4 bedroom and 3 bedroom rentals for larger groups. Contact us today to book one of our vacation rentals!