Naturally, when traveling anywhere, whether it’s down the street to grandma’s house or traveling across the globe to visit grandpa, preparedness is essential for any trip. A visit to Austin, TX is no exception. While you may think you need to pack a ton of extra stuff, the abundance of attractions invites travelers to eschew the heavy bags and see the city more through the eyes of a local. Here are a few Austin travel tips to help you pack light for your journey.

Tip #1 – The Carry-on

Before you even reserve your vacation rental in this popular capital city, begin by thinking of packing everything you need into a small carry-on bag. It not only saves time when boarding the plane, but also makes things easier if you need to lug it around town; even if you are driving, packing a small bag is a huge benefit! However, as many avid travelers know, it can be difficult to fit everything into one carry-on bag, especially if we prepare to stay for more than just a weekend.

Tip #2 – Find a Washer and Dryer!

One of the simplest ways to avoid the packing dilemma is to search for a vacation rental that provides a washer and dryer. With this essential home element, traveling light has never been easier. If you are traveling with kids in tow and need extra gear, do not worry about bringing it since you can launder their clothes at a moment’s notice. Furthermore, most vacation rentals in Austin provide kitchenettes and full-sized kitchens, so you never have to forego eating a quick bowl of cereal before you explore the exhilarating city of Austin. If you happen to find yourself here in the summer, the temperatures can get quite high; you can save plenty of room in your bags by packing light clothing and leaving heavy coats and pants at home.

Tip #3 – Leavy Bulky Entertainment Items at Home

When traveling as a couple or within a small group of friends, you may be tempted to bring extra things to keep you entertained. Austin has the self-proclaimed moniker of “Live Music Capital of the World”. On any given night, throughout downtown, visitors can hear jazz, bluegrass, zydeco, pop, rock, the list goes on and on. In fact, when you wander through town, it seems that almost on every corner you can hear and feel live tunes reverberate through the streets. For more educational excursions, travel to one of the many museums also located in downtown Austin. Bring the kids and visit the Mexic-Arte Museum, The Contemporary Austin art center, or the quirky Museum of the Weird, where you can not only see some truly bizarre artifacts, but also take a ghost tour around 6th Street and the historic district.

Austin Vacation Rentals is dedicated to providing a complete vacation experience, and that includes offering all the amenities you need to stay comfortable during your trip to Austin. Contact us today to find the perfect rental home in the city!